More napkins

Finished off two of the cards I’d started, using napkins – just had to have a play.  One of them is very red – should’ve made the background a bit lighter – but I like the richness of it. I’d embossed the background/napkin, so used acrylics to add the stamping. Next time I use this design, I’ll use more yellows and browns.


This one is lighter and features some of my favourite baby birds!  I love the quote and it’s one I’ve had for a while but hadn’t yet used. When I was on holiday, there were swallows all around, sitting on telephone and electricity wires and practising their flying! It was a delight to watch the babies being fed by their parents, only stopping to feed, then quickly flying off again.  Loved the noise they made and the flocks were huge!  I stamped the border with an old rollagraph wheel stamp which I’ve taken off the wheel, along with all the others – they make great background/border stamps!


Messing about…

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love script/text/words/quotes, so I enjoyed filling in this background once the napkin had dried. It’s only a mess about and is a bit dark but I only realised how I could easily lighten it when I’d finished – will try that next time.

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shroom journal pagescan
Played around a bit more and actually grounded the page – something I rarely forget but this time did.  I also added some bits of white stamping and shading – not sure it’s lighter – possibly a bit richer, but I prefer it this way.