Christmas Triptychs

Far from perfect, but that’s me finished with Christmas cards for this year… terrible, isn’t it? Only been doing Christmas for a couple of weeks. Dunno how you guys who do it all year round cope – aaghh! I can’t wait to put my Christmas stamps away.

mandjopeningmandj erased

mandjopenedout2 erased


mandjtriptychclosed mandjtriptych1

(name of recipient blanked out, lol)

mandjtriptychopen name erased

mandjtriptychtag triptych2closed

Did you know that if you heat organza ribbon, this is what happens? You need to be very careful, but it curls as it melts and looks really cool 🙂


This one’s blue and pink, but it’s difficult to see the colours cos it was dark when I took the photo…