One more………..

Another sample, using Hermine’s Scrap paper technique.

Today’s Stamp Club – overview

Our monthly Stamp Club (Victoria Stampers) is in the Victoria Hotel in Rainhill, the first Saturday of every month, from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. If you’re interested in coming, email me and I’ll give you details.

Art Specially – Hermine’s Choice

If you don’t already own it, I would really recommend getting hold of Hermine’s Choice, the mini book from Art Specially written by Just had a play with a couple of the techniques and while they haven’t worked out as they’re supposed to (duh! I’m useless at following instructions) I quite like the results. Note the HUGE booboo at the end of the text – the joins on the paper scraps caused that (honestly!) so I tried to salvage it but it didn’t quite work. I’m still uploading, though because I like the effect of the rest!