Christmas ATCs

Staying with the ‘one colour plus white’ theme because it’s easy and quick.  I feel guilty for making such simple cards and ATCs – I like to put a bit more work into them, rather than simply stamping and layering, but hey ho!  Needs must when time is precious…  These have all been clear embossed, then most of them have been cuttlebugged, lol 😉

atcs 4
atcs 3
These are some of my favourite images, so it’s very self indulgent 😀

Born to be Wild…

Ooh!  Two cards in one day – actually, three, but I’ll post the other one tomorrow, lol.  I’m hoping to do more later in the week.  AND I made a quick wedding invitation mock up for Phil, lol.  That was FOUR in one day after weeks and weeks of none at all, lol.  Quick and easy but I stamped!
Mr Right