GPP Street Crusade #44 – Paint scraping

Found the latest GPP Street Crusade yesterday and just had to have a go – especially cos my mind was in turmoil over something at the time.  The brief is to use acrylics in journal pages but using only a scraper – or old Credit card/store card – and maybe some stencils of some kind.

I gessoed my altered book pages first, using an old credit card, then applied the paints in layers, spritzing with water now and again, followed by stencilling using a fern stencil I love but haven’t used very often.  It’s a metal stencil so I couldn’t move it around enough to get random ‘off the page’ imprints, which I would have liked.

paint scraping a3   paint scraping 1a 
Had to wait for the paints to dry overnight because I’d applied them pretty thickly through the stencil.  I wanted to add some more but didn’t want too much because I liked the pages as they were.  I decided on using some letter stencils and some sequin waste – which I was hoping wouldn’t ruin the ‘negative/positive’ effect which I liked so much and here are the results so far.
paint scraping 1  paint scraping 2
I really like these pages and they look a lot better in real life but I’m sure I’ll like them much more when I’ve journalled on them, lol.

Messing about with Typography – inspired by Sue and Michelle

I was reading Sue Roddis’ blog the other day and noticed this post, inspired by Michelle Ward’s Crusade 43 Challenge and I just had to try it, I liked it so much.

Basically, you just tear or cut out bits of  headlines from newspapers and/or magazines.  Mine were snaffled from the Radio Times and a Sky Mag, both hanging around.  I haven’t done anything with the pages yet but I will – I just wanted to record the pages as they looked before they were completed because I like them 😀

typography pages
typography 2
typography 3
There ARE deliberate gaps but there’s also an accidental gap which I only spotted in the photos, lol.  All that text is blinding!  Isn’t it a cool effect?  Thanks to Sue and to Michelle for the inspiration!
Can’t wait for John to go back to work so that I can do more work on these.