Wooho0o! Snow and more snow…

Well, it’s been snowing ALL day which is VERY unusual for this part of England, so we’re more or less snowed in but it’s VERY pretty 🙂






smaller SNOWMAN FACE ON Cool or what? Most of the schools have closed and the airports (Liverpool and Manchester) have been closed, too. I’m just thankful I don’t have to go out today, though I do have to go out tomorrow, so I hope it’s eased a bit by then, even though I really, really love it 🙂


Christmas Eve Eve… and wasn’t it pretty?

11pm231209re 11pm2312092 re

This was 11pm last night when we’d had a couple of inches of snow, with more to follow.

Sadly, by this morning it was starting to thaw, so we won’t have a REAL white Christmas after all. The side roads and pavements are treacherous, though. For some reason they don’t seem to be gritting the roads as much as they usually do – NOT a good idea when we have a deep freeze like this one!

window sill bird

garage roof girlie

birdhouse bird

tree pot girlie

This is what awaits me when I open the back door – all clucking away, saying they’re desperate for food! One day that garage window sill is going to drop off but you can’t tell some men, can you?