More Stamp Club samples…

I’ve been slaving away (LOL) trying to get lots of old technique ideas together for Saturday and these are just a few.

I have to point out that I’ve gone for quantity, rather than quality (he, he – my exclaimer) and have kept them all very, very simple. It’s the techniques I’ll be demonstrating.

The first three are Faux Suede – remember that one? Simple cards for speed but the texture is great in real life. I don’t know what’s happened to my cutter, though 😦

fs art mystery

fs nature

fs africa

This is the first of the Label layers made into a simple card.

label card 1

More to come…


Pop up Accordion card for Stamp Club

Wow, it’s a long time since I posted. I finally stamped and it’s good to be able to stamp again, but it’s HOT!!! Unfortunately, my stamping room is south facing, as is this computer room, so I’m really struggling at the moment. I’ve done 3 samples for Saturday’s Stamp Club but have already ripped the front off one, so I won’t show you that one, lol.


popup2 inside

popup 2 inside b

You can see I’ve made one or two very slight additions here.

popup1 top view b

This is what they look like from the top, although some are very slightly different – just the positioning of the pop-ins and pop-outs.

popup1 inside b

popup3 cover

popup3 inside

These two look so similar because I gave up on the first one (the one above) then decided I could make it work if I changed the way the popouts worked. Duh!

I liked the inside but couldn’t get it to work the way I was originally going to do it. So, I made the other one – the first one. That’s the one I’ve ripped the cover off to redo, so I’ll post the cover later. More to do yet, but not tonight…

Stamp Club project – Do you believe in Faeries?

I’ve had some very sad news today. A really special friend of mine, Ronnie Henthorn, passed away this morning and he’ll really leave a huge hole in a lot of people’s lives. I can’t stop thinking about him and his lovely wife, Sylvia, so I worked on finishing the Stamp Club project we did a couple of weeks ago.

This was a great project devised by Jo Pritchard, a very talented lady. I decided to go with Black and White, since it was a biggish project, thinking I’d have chance to finish it while there. It still needs some tweaking and the photos are dreadful because it was dark and gloomy by the time I’d finished. Just the way I felt, too.
Stamps are mainly from About Art Accents but there are a couple from Stamp Camp, Lavinia Stamps, Artistic Outpost and a few from Crafty Indviduals.

Tomorrow’s workshop

Well, it doesn’t just seem like ages since I stamped, it IS ages, but tomorrow we have our first workshop for two months – excluding Stamp Camp, that is, when we did quite a few 🙂 It’s an all day workshop, too, with one group going with Lynne and one with me – repeating what we did the last time, which is why I still haven’t stamped – aagghh!! It’s already on the website from a while ago, I think, but I’ll post a couple of pics here now.