Quick play

04 October 2010
I’m really missing stamping and blogging but not a lot I can do about that for now – hopefully, I’ll soon get into more of a routine and MAKE time to stamp!
I needed a quick card for someone, so I used one of my Twinkler watercolour backgrounds (made by just adding random Twinklers to the paper) to make this, using one of my favourite word stamps.

Colour ATC Technique – as requested :)

I feel more than a little embarrassed about posting this as a technique because it really is so EASY, but here you go…

I used just three shades of Ecoline inks – Cerise, Cyan and Yellow – then, taking a sheet of card (thickish) or watercolour paper (I used hot press smooth) I just painted them on randomly (with thick brushes) and left them to dry. What a cheat? The colours blend beautifully and create all those shades you can see on the ATCs. On some, I wet the card or paper first, then added the inks, on others I spritzed after painting, then mopped up excess colour with another sheet of card/paper, so I ended up with lots of variations – some muddier looking than others, some paler.

Word of warning – it looks YUKKY before you stamp it and the white highlighting really does make all the difference 🙂

I did try this with Adirondack reinkers but they are too highly pigmented, so the colours are too dark. Great for inkpads but not for techniques like this. I am intending trying the same thing with Vivid Reinkers because I have quite a lot of those – I’ll upload my results when I do.

Here are a couple of the backgrounds BS (Before Stamping).

colour bg 1

colour bg 2

I think the first two were spritzed VERY lightly. Don’t they look YUKKY?

colour bg 4

colour bg 3

The second two pieces were wet before I started and then were spritzed a little more before being allowed to dry. These look much nicer unstamped.

‘Riot of Colour’ ATCs for KCUK

I’m hosting a ‘Colour’ swap on KCUK and here are my contributions.

roc atc 13 roc atc 14

roc atc 17 roc atc 18

roc atc 8

roc atc 16

I made a lot more of these, but these are the subtle ones… I was using up the Colour backgrounds I made during the power cut but I still have a lot of backgrounds left, so I’ll be sick of these bright colours by the time I’ve finished. With the exception of the first one (the pear) which was masked and the words stamped afterwards, these are made with collage stamps – I have a few GINORMOUS ones so I used parts of them and they were very quick and easy.

Here’s one I salvaged – I had an accident with some correction fluid, which I thought was a pen (because I didn’t pay close attention) and ended up tipping some of it onto the ATC. So, I wiped it off and covered with a vellum overlay. Late last night, I started scribbling on it but I wish I hadn’t – me and my faffing! The vellum worked well until then!!!!

roc vellum overlay

An excuse to play until the light disappeared…

We had no electrickery for over 12 hours yesterday – there was a cable fault at the top of the street, so it affected the whole street. It doesn’t half make you realise just how much of your lifestyle is dependent on technology! No cooker (despite being gas, it’s ignited by electrickery and the oven is powered by it), no phones, no lights, no music, no TV, no kettle, fridge and freezer defrosting, no clocks, no heating, no hot water – need I go on????? It was a great excuse to play until the light ran out, so got to play for an hour or so and then I made some papers, while the light was fading 🙂 My stamping room stays light the longest in the house, but of course it was one of those really dark days, so even that didn’t last long 😦

roc oriental

roc pear atc

I added the Glossy Accents to this at around 11pm in the dark – well, by candlelight – so they’re far from perfect, lol.

roc pen and ink

More colourful cards

Here are a few more of the Ecoline colour madness cards. Nothing too complex but they have to be simple because of the vibrant colours behind them. Someone was wondering how to get the same effect without Ecoline inks and I really think Adirondack reinkers would work OR Stazon reinkers – or you could even brayer or sponge Stazon inks directly onto the card/paper.




Riot of Colour?

A dear friend, Jo Pritchard (super duper inspirational crafter!) uploaded some of the artwork from this year’s Stempelmekka to KCUK and I fell in love with one display of cards, which I can only describe as a ‘riot of colour’. Of course, I had to have a play… and this is how it turned out.

roc1Images and words, Stampin Up


Images and words from Jozart Birds (drawn by Jo, herself) available from Stamp Attack


Same plate of stamps as above, background stamp Inkadinkado.

The Saturday Surprise theme this week is ‘Your Favourite Colour/Colours’ so I’ve entered this one because I love ‘rainbow colours’.

I used Ecoline inks (Magenta, Turquoise and Yellow, with a splash of green) on dictionary pages first of all, then decided to try them on watercolour paper (hot press, smooth) and wow did they pop, as you can see from the above background and from the words! I love the way the colours blend to give us violets, oranges and greens. I’ll do more of this because I love the effect.