Moulting season……

I’m sure he looked tattier when he was feeding young, but he’s a real mess at the moment, with only two or three tail feathers and what appears to be a VERY painful leg! I noticed today that he slips in the wet and he’s really struggling to stay on this branch – really sad.
Today’s the 13 March and sadly, I think we’ve lost our little friend. It’s over 3 weeks since I’ve seen him, now and the last time I saw him, his claw was withered. He hadn’t been using his ‘bad leg’ for a couple of weeks, but was as feisty as ever, so I didn’t suspect anything. The last time I saw him, he was at my feet, eating sultanas and fighting off anything that came within a foot or so. Unfortunately, we had a couple of nights of bad frost and I can only guess at what happened to him. I really miss him.