Mini techniques

Here are some BI (before ink) and AI (after ink) samples.

The first one is peeled paper – though it doesn’t show up very well. They don’t make Sellotape like they used to… lol!

peeled paper

This one’s just Gesso, applied randomly – hard to see it on the top tag – sorry.

gesso 1

Next we have gesso on torn book pages. You can really see the faux texture on the second tag.

gesso 2



tmtatc brown

This started out as a Peeled Paper Experiment but you can’t see the Peeled Paper and in the end I embossed both ATCs because I’d used Pigment inks, which I’m really enjoying at the moment – they blend so nicely 🙂 And where is that German ‘Crap’ when you need it????? I had to draw in the crown because I couldn’t find my crown charms, either!

peeled paper1

More Peeled paper but this time not in browns 🙂