WOYW Wednesday, no 65

The Bank Holiday this week has made the days seem to come way too soon.  Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!!  It’s time to SNOOP – WOOHOO!!!    If you don’t know yet what What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday is all about (and you really, really SHOULD DO) then pop over to Julia’s blog to spy on what everyone’s revealed this week.  It really is a lot of fun!!   (Oops, I’ve put the wrong number up there, so my link is taking people to the wrong entry – duh!  My apologies – this is WOYWW 65, lol!

Anyway, here’s a snippet of my desk this week, which actually contains a WIP (Work in Progress), lol.  NOT showing my whole desk this week cos very little has changed, apart from the fact that it’s probably worse than it was!!!!! 

woyww 1 sep
Stazon inks and Paperartsy stamps are out – I don’t use them too often but this time I wanted lots of greens for grasses and was stamping on glossy paper, so I needed the Stazon.  Trouble is, I think I’ve changed my mind about what I’m doing, so this may have been in vain – or probably not.  I’ll make a card from it 😉

You can just see my WOYWW easel peeping from the right hand side and here it is in all its glory, containing my most recent Alphabet 4×4 for KCUK’s Chunky Alphabet swap.  I’ll be blogging it after I’ve posted this.

woyww easel

That stamp of grasses you can see to the left hand side is one of my favourites, although I don’t use it too often because it’s pretty limiting.  Mum sent it from New Zealand, so I treasure it and I may now have the perfect excuse to use it again. 

This may well be my last WOYWW for a while now – not sure yet of the date but I’ll be starting a Full time Course this month and I suspect it will be next week or the week after but I have LOADS of stuff to sort out and to deal with before then, especially after 4 weeks of my OH being home, therefore doing absolutely NAFF all in the house!!!  I’ll miss you all. 
Thanks to everyone who’s left comments in the last few weeks – I really appreciate your kind words and your sense of fun.  I’ll try to get round to you all this week!



Just had the heads up from the lovely Dawn that I’ve given this week’s WOYWW posting the WRONG number, so my link is going here instead of to HERE!!!  My apologies, peeps.

Wow – Wednesday already!!  How did that happen and where’ve the last few days gone to????

woyww 25 august
On my desk today you can see the remains of what I was working on yesterday, with said card proudly sitting in my WOYWW easel.
Nothing much changed since last week except that I’ve added even more mess to my piles because I’ve hardly been here – lots going on behind the scenes in other parts of my life this week.
Off to snoop  er peek er snoop on a few other desks but only for a short while because I’m going out again, today.  If you’d like to join us, courtesy of the lovely Ms Dunnit, then hop on over to Julia’s blog!
Thank you to all for your lovely comments last week – I’ll do my best to visit you some time this week, even if not today!


Here we are again – another Wednesday, so it must be the fabulous Ms Dunnit’s WOYWW!!!

I’m afraid I’d had a really messy session with acrylics and sponges and tidied up a bit before I took this photo – shame on me, lol.  BUT it’s still very active and not over tidy, despite the fact that my other half has booked a few weeks off work, so we’re going chasing photos here there and everywhere, when the weather allows – AND it’s because I needed the space to do something else – not because i wanted to tidy up specifically for the photo. 

NOT that the glorious North West of England allows very much when it comes to good weather – in fact, we’ve hardly seen the sun for over 5 weeks now.  It’s been grey, dismal and even cold at times since June!!!  It CAN be a  little frustrating when I read the Southern and Eastern girls’ blogs, saying how hot they’ve been – sigh!!!  So we’ve also been over to Wales, chasing the sun when they’re lucky enough to have it – not too far from us, though so not difficult.

Anyway, here’s my semi tidied desk (which means sponges under desk, acrylics thrown in box behind me and scratch paper assigned to bin) with lots of stuff in progress.

woyww 11 aug 2 woyww 11 augustb

I’ve moved a lot of my mounted stamps into their respective homes, although I’ve still kept out the bigger ones I use a lot for background work – I have a special box, kept in a special place (the floor, he, he) for the rest of the ones I reach for on a regular basis.

Ma Vinci’s humongous alphabet stamps are out there in their bag- for my alphabet pages and postcards but also for some personal journalling I’ve been doing.  If you look closely, you’ll also see Saturday’s Stamp Club project, half completed because I want to modify it a bit before I carry on.  It’s a fab concertina envelope book, taught by the lovely Gill, who doesn’t blog YET. 

In my WOYWW easel is an old vintage card I made about 5 years ago – out because it’s a reminder of something for another project I’m intending to make.  There are also stamps for a DT project I have to make this week and some backgrounds and stamps, waiting to be put together, including the acrylic stuff I was playing with.  If you look carefully, you’ll see the punchinella (sequin waste) peeping from the open drawer – I use that a lot to fill in and to do edges of pages and backgrounds, so there’s always a piece around, along with other bits of mesh and ribbon I use for the same thing.

I’ll be out early tomorrow, so I’m scheduling this cos we’re off chasing steam trains again, then perhaps on to see some Red Kites, although that may have to wait until later in the week, depending on other things.

If you wanna join the rest of us and snoop peek at other desks, why not head on over to the lovely Julia’s blog and follow the links – it’s a fab way to spend half a day, lol – or more!!!  Thanks, Julia.

WOYWW 4 August

Here we are again on Wednesday and WOYWW!!
Today’s my baby brother’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Howard!  I won’t see him cos he’s in New Zealand and has been for 10 years.  I haven’t seen him for 7 years – sad.

Back to
WOYWW and here’s my mess for this week.  It’s quite a creative mess this week – well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it – lots going on and lots in the pipeline but in my defence, isn’t that how it SHOULD be????? 

woyww 4 august
Here’s a close up of what I was working on last night – another Chunky Alphabet page for KCUK in delicious shades of blue, pink and green. 
woyww close up 4 august
In my WOYWW easel is something I started but went wrong – ooh, yet another mistake, lol – but I liked bits of it and so saved it to remind me to repeat those bits, especially the colours.
Don’t forget , if you’re the curious sort,  you can snoop see other people’s work desks by going to the lovely Julia’s blog and following the links, where all kinds of delights will be revealed, lol.


Where’s this week gone to?  It’s absolutely flown by but then again, a lot has been happening here.
It’s Wednesday, so it must be WOYWW!
I cheated a little here and took the photos on Tuesday cos I knew I wouldn’t be using my desk for a little while – sorry.  Not so much happening on my desk, I’m afraid – so there aren’t many changes here from last week, except that you will notice – ta da!!!

woyww easel

…my wonderful, fabby, dabby sparkling NEW WOYWW easel, courtesy of the wonderful Julia – and (I presume) Mr Dunnit, bless their little cotton socks 😀  Thank you VERY MUCH, Julia.  It arrived Tuesday morning and made my day!!!
Stepping back, this is the view of the desk.  I did manage a little bit of stamping and inkiness yesterday morning, so you’ll see some of the results (and the aftermath, lol) there.
my desk 2 28 july
These are the shelves over the desk.

shelves over desk 
This is what’s behind me, as I work.
behind me 1
You can see my trusty Tonic Trimmer (12×12) here – wouldn’t be without it and have 2 smaller ones in different sizes – love em.
behind me
There are more shelves above this worktop and on the opposite side of the room, to the right of the desk is this.
It may not LOOK super organised but it is, in fact, organised chaos and I know where most things are, until I tidy up – then it drives me dotty, lol!
I have family in hospital at the moment, so all my time is taken up on visiting and it’s unlikely that I’ll find the time to visit all the desks this week, as I did last week, so please forgive me.   Life has a habit of getting in the way at times, doesn’t it?
If you’d like to spy on other people’s workdesks, pop on over to Julia’s Blog and check out the links.  It’s fascinating to see how differently people work!  Have a great week 😉

It’s Wednesday, so it’s… WOYWW

Here’s my VERY tidy (for me) desk!
woyww 21 july
I’ve deliberately hidden (turned so you can’t see the fronts) of a couple of ‘secret’ things I’m working on and the pile of stamps you can see on the right are waiting to be used, as are some of the mounted stamps. The rest of them stay there all the time because they’re my staple background stamps, so I don’t see the point in putting them away – I reach for them over and over again.  If you look carefully, you’ll see my home made ‘brick wall’ stamp, made with bits of rubber left from cutting out full sheets.  Haven’t tried it yet but when I do, I’ll blog it.  The little basket on the left is filled with Big Shot embossed cards and bits.  The felt tips were used for the card below and the cut out image (Stampotique) on the scratch paper is for an altered book/journal I’m working on.  I’ve prepped quite a few pages and am just getting ready to begin – if I ever pluck up the courage ;)  Oh, and there are some alcohol inked dominoes there, just waiting to be used…

If you’d  like to go nosey – oops – look at other people’s workspaces, then why not visit Julia’s Blog to see what people are up to?

And here’s a CAS card I made quickly and messlessly (don’t you just love inventing words?).
cas 1
I have to tell the truth, though – this is why the desk is so tidy – half of the mess is on the floor, waiting for me to sort it out and put it away.  At least the desk bit is better!!!
woyww 21 july hidden mess
This is the result of a frenzied stamping session or six and the beginning of a major tidy and reorganisation.  I finally managed to get the Filing Cabinet out and taken away by someone on Freegle, so I moved more drawers in and am enjoying having a little more space to organise.  AND all my stamps are clean and sparkling – well, not quite sparkling, but clean, anyway 😀
PS Some of it has made its way back onto the desk already – can’t face putting stuff away until I’ve tried it at least once when it’s in my ‘to use’ pile .

WOYWW and A is for APPLE ART

Okay, here’s my desk – and this is about as good as it gets when I’ve signed up for lots of swaps…  You can see lots of other desks on Julia’s blog.

2 minutes later…
And here’s an Alphabet Postcard for Lots to Do, which is also for Crazy Amigo’s Challenge which this week is ‘A’.
A for Arty Apples
I had fun with this, though I’m going to redo the stalk, I think – it was difficult because there’s no defined line, but it’s painted with gold ink.  I added a couple of extra leaves, so I think it looks a bit better now, lol.    There’s all kinds on this – Acrylic resist to start with, followed by masking the apples, adding Adirondack greens, stamping, overstamping with white acrylic, embossing the main words then using a reverse mask on the apples to add colour (more Adirondacks) and stamping.  It was fun 😀