I’ve just been playing with an address label (A4) for an envelope.  Must do this some more, but next time, think about it first! Really must stop limiting myself to the stamps on the floor or desk and I need to tidy up already – hardly been in there but the room’s a mess again…  

Name and address removed for privacy.
envie cdec

For those who asked – the texture is created with my good, old, trusty Fiskars brayer, using the Mesh roller, which I absolutely love. I’ll never understand why Fiskars discontinued this – it’s THE best brayer around because it’s weighted and very, very easy to use, plus it has interchangeable rollers, with lots of patterns, although I only use the mesh and the standard. I used a Big ‘n’ Juicy inkpad, followed by chalks and Stampin Up inks to colour.