One last Caught in Crystal card

This is one I made during yesterday’s workshop, using Time to Stamp’s Seasons of Serenity plate, which makes a very quick and easy card. Great when you’re desperate!

Caught in Crystal instructions

I’ll be making cards with my backgrounds later, but for now, here are the instructions for Caught in Crystal.

You need:-
Thermal Acetate – Photocopier or laser printer acetate
Tissue paper – white and larger than the acetate
Masking tape
Inks or reinkers – water based inks work best
Johnson’s Klear Floor Polish
Ultra fine glitter
Kitchen towels
Heat tool
LOTS of protective paper and/or a non stick craft mat
Wear gloves if you don’t like inky fingers……………..

Using masking tape, tape the acetate down on all four sides. Drop a puddle of Klear in the centre and smooth over with your fingers to cover the acetate.

Add a sprinkling of ultra fine glitter – you can also add other things if you’re feeling adventurous…….. fibres, mica flakes, etc

Crumple the tissue paper into a tight wad, then open again and lay it over the acetate, smoothing down carefully but leaving as many of the creases as you can.

Add more Klear – don’t be mean with it as that’s what makes the inks flow, but don’t add too much at this point. If you do, it will seep underneath the acetate, which will then stick to the paper. Spread it around – using fingers or a paintbrush. Don’t worry if the tissue tears – just rip off another piece and place it over the hole – the Klear will adhere it and no one will see it.

Take two or three inks and randomly drop small amounts on the tissue, then move the inks around with a paintbrush – or your fingers. This is where you need to be careful not to muddy the inks and why it’s best to use small amounts and not too many colours. Add a touch more Klear if you need to lighten the inks, but not too much, then use the kitchen towel to mop up any excess colour or colours which look too dark. I like to keep it light, with some blank areas – it’s nice to stamp something on the card you’re attaching the caught in crystal piece to, so you get a 3D effect.

Heat set from a distance with the heat tool. Even though the acetate is thermal, it WILL buckle if you overheat it. When it’s completely dry, you can’t see any shiny bits at all – it’s more of a satin finish and pretty solid when you touch it. Add another puddle of Klear and again, move it around to cover the tissue. Heat set again.

Add one last layer of Klear – this is the one which really makes it crystallise. I like to use a spritzer for this one – much less messy. Heat set again until it starts to bubble a bit and you see the tissue lifting in small areas – that’s what you want. You can actually see the crystallising and the glitter shining through. This is where the technique (developed by Deb Cowan of Second Star on the Right) differs from the reinker and Diamond Glaze technique developed by Mary Jo McGraw – you don’t get that Crystalline effect with her technique, though it’s still a lovely effect.

Take off the masking tape, being careful not to pull off the tissue paper and turn over. If it has stuck to the paper underneath, don’t panic. You can remove the offending paper bits with a baby wipe or with water and your fingernail. Some of mine stuck but you can’t see it now!

Stamp on the smooth side of the acetate, using Stazon, Brilliance Graphite Black or Stewart Superior Jet Black Document ink – make sure it’s completely dry before layering up.


Caught in Crystal Experiments………..

I haven’t done this for YEARS and I mean three or four years, but you’d think I’d have learned enough by now not to make silly mistakes? No, think again! I’ll upload what I’ve done with some explanations 🙂 This one is the BIG mistake. I stamped it first, then flipped it and added the stuff (see instructions) taking a bit more care to place colours where I wanted them to be. When I turned it over, the ink had run – I’ll try harder next time:) I used Stewart Superior Document ink – next time I’ll use Stazon!

This one is Adirondack reinkers – quite nice, but a bit heavy, even though I took off a lot of colour with the kitchen towel. I used Butterscotch, Terra Cotta and Rust.

For these two I used Ecoline inks. Pretty colours – very highly pigmented – and it worked okay BUT the acetate stuck to the paper. Worse than that……. in my hunt for Masking tape (of which I have three million rolls – okay, slight exaggeration – about 20) I came across some easy release tape and thought that might be good. I forgot that it was plastic and I was going to heat it!!! So, as I was heating, the paper was curling…… scary stuff. Then when I came to remove the tape, the tissue paper came off too, as it was melded to the tape. NOT something I’d recommend 😦 This one was done with Posh Inks – you have to imagine the glitter where you can see specks – no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the scanner to scan glitter!