I had a lot of fun making this, then I decided I wanted a shadow effect on the text, but of course I did it the lazy way – no stamp positioner!  It just didn’t work.  Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d let the green ink dry first, but no, I stamped straight over wet ink, then embossed with clear powder – disaster!  It looks blurred!



I wondered if I could still make it work, by adding some shading and highlighting, which I usually do anyway, but I went a little OTT with the Distress pen – oops!  I sometimes find this difficult to use because the effects are delayed and you can’t see exactly where you’ve added it – or I can’t, anyway.

Another disaster!


The only way I could salvage it was to layer up the verse, so that’s what I had to do in the end.


It turned out okay in the end but I wonder if I’ll learn from this?  Unfortunately, I doubt it – but it would be nice to think I will.