More Stamp Club samples…

I’ve been slaving away (LOL) trying to get lots of old technique ideas together for Saturday and these are just a few.

I have to point out that I’ve gone for quantity, rather than quality (he, he – my exclaimer) and have kept them all very, very simple. It’s the techniques I’ll be demonstrating.

The first three are Faux Suede – remember that one? Simple cards for speed but the texture is great in real life. I don’t know what’s happened to my cutter, though 😦

fs art mystery

fs nature

fs africa

This is the first of the Label layers made into a simple card.

label card 1

More to come…


Old techniques revisited…

I’m working on some techniques for Stamp Club – thinking particularly of those who haven’t been around quite as long as some of we stampers have, so don’t know about the techniques we raved about years ago.

First one to revisit is the Label Technique. These are just the labels mounted onto card – I’ll make cards of them later.  I limited myself to just the colours of one Colorbox Petal Point (Enchantment) not easy for me, lol but I DO like that blue – it’s the best I’ve found yet!

label tech 5

label tech 1 label tech 4

label tech 3

label tech 2