Smelling Sweet

Having withdrawal symptoms from stamping but have to concentrate on other things right now.  I did make some more soaps, though, to try out the last set of moulds I got – aren’t they fab? They’re quite intricate and a real pleasure to unmould.
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<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
Should’ve put something in for size reference cos the bigger ones are quite big – the square flutterby is about 6cm (2.5” in old money), which will give you an idea of the size. I used English Rose essential oil in these and they smell scrummy. If they were a little smaller, I may have considered having a go with UTEE but they’re a bit big for that – the smaller ones may work, though…. h’mm…

Busy, busy, busy…

Seems ages since I posted anything on here but I haven’t been idle, lol.  Had a couple of weeks away, visiting my bestest ever friend, followed by my OH having a week off work, so lots to do and some day trips with lots of walking when the weather allowed.  I’ve done a bit of crafting, but not much stamping and have taken lots of photos but my card reader seems to be broken, so I can’t download the latest ones, even though I have some from the last few weeks.
Here’s my favourite fairytale house, where I spent my break.

And here’s the little house (at the  bottom of the front yard) where I stayed while there.
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I did some napkin art while there and have a couple of cards and a journal page in progress but they’re still drying, so I can’t finish them off yet, but here’s the other bit of crafting I’ve been doing.
This may look like ganache but it isn’t – and here’s a clue!
Here’s a bigger one, lol.

Yep, I’ve been soap making and have really enjoyed it.  We started with a recipe in a magazine while I was away, but I enjoyed it so much, I got some more stuff when I got home and these are the results.  They’re perfumed with various oils – mint, ginger, lime, lemongrass, grapefruit, mandarin, rose – and of course chocolate! I’ve tried a few different ingredients and recipes with varying degrees of success but it’s been so much fun!
Today, I stamped a card while waiting for the rain to die down a bit.
I used an Indigo Blu stamp, which is quite big, so I only used part of it, then watercoloured with inks and used a splatter stamp here and there, finishing off with a bit of glitter varnish over the petals, although you can’t see that, of course.  I love these colours.
Will be visiting you all in the next week or so, as soon as life settles down a bit xxx

Forgot to add these… not too pretty when close up?