Not my usual thing, but surprisingly refreshing to make.  I’ve been busy this week with evening invitations, Orders of Service, Menus, etc for my son’s wedding.

invite 2 erased
I’ve erased names and numbers, just for privacy.


Not brilliant but I wanted to try the stamps out. May have to remount and embellish – or I would if I had more time!
This one was really dark so I added some white pen highlights, which lightened it a bit… must get the white acrylic out and do my favourite thing with text.  The mica inks look gorgeous in real life – bits of shiny teal glimmer through.
nature's flower
This was inspired by the Art Journey Blog.  Love these colours, as you may have noticed, and had these stamps a while, but haven’t had chance to use them. 
You’d think that with no time to play, I wouldn’t have been buying stamps, eh?  Errrr, think again!  I have a big basket full of those I’ve accrued over the last six months (beginning with October’s Port Sunny show) and have hardly used – including some which were birthday pressies from my lovely friends. Something to look forward to.
brolly girl


The sun has got his hat on and I just had a blissful hour, making a few background papers and some journal pages.  I started out by trying the technique Carol showed on her blog, which was Dyan’s technique (Art from the Heart) – but it wasn’t successful…. never mind.  Had a great time anyway and my papers are almost dry in the warm sun.  Hard to believe it’s actually not cold!

The pages are from my PCET journal – something I have to do as part of the course – although I’m not doing too well on that score cos I’ve been too tired to journal!  I can see me inventing ‘em all again when excerpts have to do in my files – ooer!  As you can see, some of them didn’t turn out too badly and the design’s coming through more as the pages dry a bit more.  It WAS fun, though and the best bit is yet to come – I’m going to stamp on them when they’re dry!! 

Gotta tidy up now, though…