Being good?

I had to make two quickie cards this morning, to send with other things and since I’m currently committed to using up my  existing stash (not that it’s preventing me adding to it, I’m afraid – oh dear) I made scraplings.  If you don’t know what scraplings are, they’re cards made with offcuts left over from cutting folded card.  I do that a lot, so I sorted through all the colours, put them in a bag and resolved to use them whenever I could.  Here are my first two.
I’m definitely in Autumn mode (it’s quite chilly here, very windy and wet with hail every now and then)  so I carried on this theme.  Must admit that’s partly cos the gorgeous fern stamp and words were still on my desk, cos I haven’t had chance to tidy it yet, he, he 🙂  The first one is made with Simple Expressions leafy stamps I used to design and sell when I had Katy’s Corner – seems like such a long time ago now!  I still love that leafy stamp set, though, among others!
BC card 2
The second is one I made by overstamping one of my scratch papers.  I experimented for a while, using card as my scratch paper to see if I ended up with something usable or interesting and this is one of the pieces I really liked.  I just added some fern leaf stamping in a couple of shades of green, edged it in Adirondack Bottle, then layered it onto two shades of green with eyelets and some string.  The verse was already stamped on it, so it was a lovely, quick card and I really like it.  Looking at it now, I realise I made a mistake when adding the eyelets.  They were supposed to go on the left hand side, to balance it, but hey ho – I still like it 🙂

BC card 1 
Two blog candy parcels are on the way.  Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from Anja, so I’ll be contacting the next reserve on the list, who just happens to be one of my friends, Ann B.  If you’re reading this, Ann, I’ll be posting it in the next few days!!!

New stamps

Just got to play with my new stamps for the first time – they came back double the size they’re supposed to be, but some of them are really gorgeous that way, despite my misgivings. This is just one of them – boring, but I enjoyed the way the different backgrounds made each card look different. The third card background is interesting – I made it years ago but I really like it. It was elastic bands around a brayer, which resulted in a really soft, veneer-like effect. Must try that again…… we forget, don’t we?