Less is More Week 42 #2

Well, since I messed up last time and this has almost become a black and white challenge (with a hint of colour, lol) I thought I’d make some more cos I love black and white and especially with a hint of colour!  This is the first of the batch – more to follow when I finish them off.

This is actually one of my favourite images but I don’t use it a lot because it’s big. I wanted the appearance of a sun setting low in the sky (yes, I’m into setting suns at the moment, can you tell?), so I sponged the sun (through a circle stencil) after I’d stamped and clear embossed the silhouette stamp.
LIM 42 2
I would normally add some more sky colour in pinks, blues and greys, but since this is LESS IS MORE, I’ll leave the white space!

We are all stars . . . Less is More

LESS is MORE this week has the theme of Stars.
I knew I had the perfect words (Stamp Camp, I think) but couldn’t work out how to use them, so I masked off an area of white card and sprayed it with subtle colours of Glimmer Mist – Sea Grass and Peony (I think), then blotted it with my paper towel roll, which just happened to have some ochre ink on from a previous project (messy). I liked it. 
I stamped the lovely blotchy stars but – despite NOT being a glitter lover – wanted a bit of glitter, so I embossed with Holographic EP and added a silver star brad.

<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>

One of the annoying things about Holographic EP is that it clings to places you don’t want it to cling to, but in this case, it worked out beautifully, adding random touches of sparkling glimmer to the outside border. Of course the scan didn’t pick that up, so I had to photograph it, in an attempt to show what I mean.
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
Stamping was done with Versafine Blue – can’t remember the exact name but it’s a lovely royal blue.

Birthday Card

First and foremost, I must thank SANDY for a lovely award, which I’ve uploaded to the side, but will include below.  I’m a little taken aback, since I haven’t been blogging too much recently, but I really appreciate it, Sandy.  Thank you!

I’m supposed to tell you something about me you don’t already know – h’mm, not too sure about this one and will have to think about it.  I’ll award this to some of my favourite peeps as soon as I get chance to browse a little.
I recently got a new phone and I’m hanging my head in shame cos all those years I told my kids off (said kids now WELL grown up, lol) for being phone obsessed and guess what?  It’s taken over my life!!  I’m spending WAY too much time playing silly games, in particular Angry Birds, Sudoku and Word games – SAD!!  The good thing is I get my emails on it – usually (it’s decided not to update anything today for some reason, so need to check it) – AND I’ve been getting full use of the GPS with having to trudge all over Liverpool!  Believe it or not, I really do NOT know Liverpool well, despite living only half an hour away – it’s HUGE and like a maze.  Worst of all, loads of the streets aren’t signposted!
Anyway, my closest friends have birthdays this week – some of them BIG – so here’s the first of the cards I’ve made.  Only two more to go – agghhhh!!
20 February 2011 WEND

It’s masking again, so will go into the KCUK files and the colours I’ve used are Wend’s favourites.  It looks WAY off kilter but it isn’t – a little out – unfortunately, I stamped the music background (Wend’s a music teacher) crookedly and the iffy lines make the rest of it look off.  Hey ho.  Tough 😉  Will be back soon as I can!


The reason I had ‘permission’ (from myself, that is, he, he!) to stamp was because I’d just set the current month’s challenge over at KCUK – MASKING.   Here are my samples.

On this one, I only masked the inside of the magnifying glass.  The text is part of the stamp.
cherry pie mask 1
You’ve seen one of these before – it’s one of my favourites 😀
I just masked for the moon.
moon mask
This last one was for a bit of fun.  The ladies were masked before I created the background with pigment inks and various stamps.
if you never did mask

Creative Masking

Using punches (or die cut machines – or even scissors or craft knives) to create a ‘stencil’.

Creative masking BS (Before Stamping) and AS (After Stamping) 🙂

creative masking ascm tag 3

More Creative Masking

creative masking 1 ascm tag

ascm tag 2

ascm cards creative masking card

This one is courtesy of my Mum, Jan Cross – her card was based on an advert on the back of a bus in New Zealand and used Pampas grass or wheat in the foreground.

P I N 1

I’ve already posted this (but will remove it from former post) because it, too is made by creative masking – using the humble post it note 🙂