GPP Street Crusade #44 – Paint scraping

Found the latest GPP Street Crusade yesterday and just had to have a go – especially cos my mind was in turmoil over something at the time.  The brief is to use acrylics in journal pages but using only a scraper – or old Credit card/store card – and maybe some stencils of some kind.

I gessoed my altered book pages first, using an old credit card, then applied the paints in layers, spritzing with water now and again, followed by stencilling using a fern stencil I love but haven’t used very often.  It’s a metal stencil so I couldn’t move it around enough to get random ‘off the page’ imprints, which I would have liked.

paint scraping a3   paint scraping 1a 
Had to wait for the paints to dry overnight because I’d applied them pretty thickly through the stencil.  I wanted to add some more but didn’t want too much because I liked the pages as they were.  I decided on using some letter stencils and some sequin waste – which I was hoping wouldn’t ruin the ‘negative/positive’ effect which I liked so much and here are the results so far.
paint scraping 1  paint scraping 2
I really like these pages and they look a lot better in real life but I’m sure I’ll like them much more when I’ve journalled on them, lol.

37 thoughts on “GPP Street Crusade #44 – Paint scraping

  1. Hi Cath lovely art journal pages they are gorgeous 🙂 The negative/positive effect has worked really well. What a great stencil. Sending you great BIG gentle cyber ((hugss)) I'm only an email away if you fancy a natter any time. Gez.xx

  2. I really like the effect you've created here and I love the colours. It's almost a shame to journal on them but then again, who knows they will probably be amazing finished. Jo x

  3. WOW What stunning pages, I think you'll have to get yourself into turmoil more often!!!!!The fern stencils have worked brilliantly and I can imagine that they are extremely textured if it took that long for the paint to dry!!!

  4. Have that fern stencil it is gorgeous. Your pages are wonderful like water eroding a roack face and revealing fossils. Then I read 'Ring me Now' and howled with laughter you really cracked me up this time LOL xx Zoe

  5. These are so lovely. I love how you used light and dark to make the stencils really pop. It's really hard to find metal stencils in the stores where I shop. I can get plastic or paper, so I've never had your stencil problem. And the old credit card is my favorite background technique. It uses so little paint and the drying time is nearly instant, too.

  6. Cath – great pages! Love that you used pos and neg, and black and white. The scraped background is very cool and the mix of colors combined with the ferns gives it an under-the-sea vibe. Thanks for sharing with the team. Hope you get that call 😉

  7. I love these cold colors… this is what ferns would look like if they could survive winter!! Magic. Beautiful scraping. Happy creations from germany, tj

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