More napkins

Finished off two of the cards I’d started, using napkins – just had to have a play.  One of them is very red – should’ve made the background a bit lighter – but I like the richness of it. I’d embossed the background/napkin, so used acrylics to add the stamping. Next time I use this design, I’ll use more yellows and browns.


This one is lighter and features some of my favourite baby birds!  I love the quote and it’s one I’ve had for a while but hadn’t yet used. When I was on holiday, there were swallows all around, sitting on telephone and electricity wires and practising their flying! It was a delight to watch the babies being fed by their parents, only stopping to feed, then quickly flying off again.  Loved the noise they made and the flocks were huge!  I stamped the border with an old rollagraph wheel stamp which I’ve taken off the wheel, along with all the others – they make great background/border stamps!


10 thoughts on “More napkins

  1. Fabulous. Love the birds but I have to say those toadstools are gorgeous. We had swifts nesting in the roof again and one launched itself before it was ready. After trying to get it in the air DH eventually gave up and got the long ladder out and put it back in the roof, lol. xx

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