Sunday stamping again

What a beautiful day, here in North West England – I hope the sun has shone on you, wherever you are.  Nature’s awakening and there’s a lovely, gentle calm over everything – I love this time of year!

To make it all better, I found my little Samsung camera, so I’m a happy bunny.  It was a poor second best to my SLR but since I’ve well and truly lost that, I’m happy just to have a camera!  Watch out, Izzi – Grandma’s about!

I actually made this last week, using two of my all time favourite inks – Memories Hunter Green and Soft Leaf – but wasn’t completely happy with it, so put it to the side until I made my mind up what to do with it.  Today, I decided I liked it, but I wanted it to go on cream, then I fancied embossed corners and a pretty ribbon… that’s how this card happened.


I played with the background on this one and really enjoyed it.  Maybe my inspiration is creeping back a little… almost afraid to say it!  Still couldn’t face stamping an image or cutting out, so I used one from my basket – same with the words. Still, that’s why I have baskets of images – to inspire me!  I think the little girl’s from Lost Coast and the words are from Stamp Camp.  Not sure you can see the faces in the background…

Love the inkiness and I even used Walnut ink on this, too, which is very unusual for me these days.


I’ve had the 7 Gypsies tissue paper (music) for years and years (probably around 10 years…?) but haven’t used much, saving it for ‘something special’.  Today, I just decided to tear it up… hey ho!

Have a great week and may the sun shine on you all!  Hope to get to visit more of you this week.


15 thoughts on “Sunday stamping again

  1. Cath, I have the same problem. Why do we buy stuff then 'save' it for something special. Anyway, I think your card is special. Absolutely love your background and the image is gorgeous. I really like your first card, too.Glad you found your camera. xx

  2. 2 gorgeous and different cards Cath. I do like the way you've put the first one together. glad you found at least one of your cameras. I know what you mean about stash. I think we all have the same problem but if you use it…then you have an excuse to buy more! 🙂

  3. Great cards Cath. I can completely relate to putting aside something I'm not happy with and returning later to find I've changed my mind. And to having unused stash that i've been saving for years lol. Well done on tearing into it finally 🙂 Pxx

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