Can’t Resist …

This is my favourite technique and has been for about 14 years, so it’s my entry for the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge, which is ‘FAVOURITE’.

When staying with a friend, I promised her I’d show her how to do a Versamark resist, but we were so busy, we left it until near the end of my stay and, of course, events conspired to prevent us getting around to it.  
I’ve just sent her a parcel with instructions and some samples.

I’ve included two samples of each design, though there may be some slight differences in them, to show the background result of Resist and a finished ‘cover’ created by overstamping.
I know I said I was going to use mainly permanent inks from now on, but unfortunately, only water based inks work with this technique 😦
Adirondack Stream, Sailboat Blue and Purple Twilight
Distress Inks Peacock Feathers, Evergreen Bough and Adirondack Purple Twilight
Adirondack Sunshine Yellow, Butterscotch, Watermelon, Purple Twilight and Sailboat Blue
Adirondack Sunshine Yellow, Butterscotch, Terracotta, Red Pepper, Cranberry, Currant
Then one of my favourite Nancy Curry techniques; using this ‘mask’ made by tearing paper ..
… resulted in these.
Adirondack Terracotta and Eggplant
Adirondack Stream and Citrus
I know that most of you know this basic technique, but for those who don’t, I’ll be uploading this as a Tutorial very soon.
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19 thoughts on “Can’t Resist …

  1. Excellent techniques Cath & such beautiful samples to demonstrate them too. I'm especially drawn to the warmer colours you've used in the grass/leaves cards. maybe it's that time of year lol. A tutorial is a great idea. There'll always be plenty of people who haven't come across these methods of resist before. Looking forward to seeing it. Px

  2. Wow Cath these are STUNNING! I love them all. I love resist tecnique but havent done it for ages, going to do some for the Dragons Challenge soon though.Thank you for stopping by my blog and the lovely comments you left. They are very much appreciated.Cath x (p.s. yup! I probably am as mad as you lol!)

  3. Resist is one of my favourites as well, but you have probably guessed that already. All the colours are stunning, you do know how to use them to full effect, but the first combination of blues and purples is another favourite of mine. Must get out my copy of Nancy Curry's book and have a browse again.Ann Bxx

  4. Beautiful resist samples.!!!Thank you for your sweet comments on my being a new Grandma and a Big Congrats to you too on the upcoming arrival. I can't wait to hold him as I'm sure you can't wait either!.Hugs Lynn

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