More metal leafing and more journalling

On our Yahoo Group, there was a discussion about foil and metal leafing and it was such a long time since I’d played with either, that I did a few experiments.

1 Copper foil with Stamp ‘n’ Bond


2  Mixed colour leafing with Stamp ‘n’ Bond


3  Mixed colour leafing on d/s tape, with Mica powder on the image

I used the glue pad on this, but it didn’t work, so I added some mica powder.  I hadn’t cleaned the stamp after using Versamark, so there was ink left on it, which may well have affected the result.  Need to try this again.


4  Gold foil on Stamp ‘n’ Bond, but a you can see, I overstamped with Versamark


5  Today I tried copper leaf on glossy black card, using the Tsukineko Stamp ‘n’ Stick Glue Pad

copper leaf

The messy bits are both on the scanner glass and on the card – unfortunately, black glossy shows every tiny mark, including finger prints – despite being ‘polished’ afterwards.  The leafing worked beautifully and easily. I love the way you can’t feel where the leafing begins and ends on gloss – very different from on matt card.

Here’s the latest journal page – final touches just added but it’s a continuation of yesterday’s work, which started as a double page spread but evolved.


I really love these ‘Off the Wall’ stamps, but I keep meaning to draw the images in my head – will do it one day …



12 thoughts on “More metal leafing and more journalling

  1. I've just got some sticky embossing powder from Ranger which I'm assuming is the same stuff as stamp n bond, but I love it. It's stays sticky quite a long time after it's been heated and it seems easy to apply foils and guilding flakes etc to it.Sam xxx

  2. Fabulous journal page, I love the image.I love your foiling samples, I had a not very successful play at the weekend, I'll have another go but I might be entering something that I made ages ago for the Hazel.

  3. Saw your very kind comments and came for a nose and so pleased I did as I can we we share a love of many of the same stamps – and lush colours. Some lovely examples.B x

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