How mad is a hatter, anyway?

Just been messing – started off dark, then went much lighter because I was making a card, then I started adding more and more and it got dark again – oops – and it became a journal page…!

Anyway, can you tell me how mad a hatter is? 

And who decides whether a hatter is mad or not?

Do hatters still exist?

Are hatters hes or shes?

And, in the great scheme of things…

Do hatters really matter?????

JP how mad is a hatter anyway

PS The colours were supposed to NOT match… ie clash – just in case they horrify you….


Deb says hatters were ‘mad’ because of the mercury used to process the felt they used, which they inevitably breathed in, while working – thanks for that, Deb!

Enjoy your day!



18 thoughts on “How mad is a hatter, anyway?

  1. I think the colours are fab. Sorry I got you mixed up with the pink. Could have sworn you weren't a fan, lol. As for hatters. Well I can think of a few people that fit the description and you know them too, lol. Love the page by the way, x

  2. i love it! even though the colours don't 'go together' they actually do work together – crikey hopes that makes sense! never thought about how mad a hatter can be before lol! gorgeous journal page and it's not too dark hugs Karen x

  3. Love how it started off as one thing and did a complete about turn into something else – fabulousAnd from my point of view, I don't think it matters how mad a hatter is, if indeed they are mad!!!Sam xxx

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