Needed some cards…

… quickly, so I chose a simple design, got out some of my solid flower stamps and made these for my students and some of the staff at the place where I’ve been working.  Unfortunately, I’d already sealed a lot of the envelopes before I realised that I ought to scan or get photos, so this is only a small selection.





I’m looking forward to a break in a couple of weeks but before then, I hope to get down to at least a little stamping because, as of this afternoon, I’m OFF for a few weeks and don’t yet know when I’ll be starting again… Unless I find something else in the meantime, I just have to wait for them to contact me when they’re ready.  Pity they don’t pay me for holidays!

Hope Summer has reached you – it’s not sunny here – this IS the North West of England – but it’s HOT and humid, so I’m not complaining; the good thing is, it’s DRY!

This is my entry for Crazy Amigos, which is a ‘FREE THEME’ for Summer and lasts TWO WEEKS until 31st.

Have a good week.



26 thoughts on “Needed some cards…

  1. Gorgeous cards as every Carol.Glad you're off from now to get in some much needed me time, but like you say, pity they don't pay your holidays!!Hope you heard of something soon, in the meantime, looking forward to your creations.Sam xxxx

  2. Not a bad time to be off work but its tougher when you have to wait to find out when you will be earning again. Lovely fresh cards your creativity and originality of design always inspires me XOXO Zoe

  3. Wow, these are terrific – I love them and especially the sentiments.Each one such an original work of art.Genius.Hope you soon get another contract – or at least get to enjoy a holiday if not.xx

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