New stamps….

I’ve fallen in love with Michael Powell stamps.  I’ve been looking at (and admiring) his work for a while and when I saw the stamps, I just had to have them!  They’re not that easy to colour, given the amount of detail in them, but I love the whimsical nature of them.  I especially love the seaside images – so evocative and especially at this time of year.

I’ve stamped a few but this is the first card I made with one of them.


My poor peewit lost a leg while being glued on and broke the other, so that needs to be fixed but I’ll sort that when the temperature’s a little cooler! 

I’ve been cooking stuff early this morning, before it gets hot again, because this kitchen is South facing and gets HOT later on – especially if we put the oven on!  Time to get some lesson prep done, then I need to get some journal pages done for the mingle I’m in.  Oops! 

Last minute Katy, as ever!

Have a lovely week!



23 thoughts on “New stamps….

  1. Oh wow, Cath! That is Gorgeous! I was waiting to spend until after I have been to Doncaster, but you have just changed my mind. Not seen Michael Powell before… this could be expensive!

  2. Love what you've done with the Michael Powell stamp….I bought all of the Urban range as I couldn't choose between them and they're the first stamps I've bought in ages. Mind you, I've had them three weeks and only tried one!Jo x

  3. Share your love for the Michael Powell stamps, tried to order some, but the ones I wanted were already sold out!!!This one you stamped and coloured is beautiful.You did a great job in the colouring, Cath.Groetjes Gery

  4. This looks so great! I don´t know these stamps, but this image is very nice. Such a lot of details…wahnsinn, but I think the coloration is a little bit nerve-racking ;)LG siljan

  5. i think they're fab too Cath. I've got one of his x-stitch kits to complete somwhere. I really like his seaside ones but haven't bought any yet. as you say, they're difficult to colour but good to practice my water colouring skills!

  6. Cath, what a beautiful card. I love the colours you've used. Poor peewit, I hope you can fix his leg.More stamps to add to the wishlist…

  7. Hi Cath, fantastic card, love these stamps I saw them in the craft section of my local garden centre, there's one with beach huts I was eyeing up, very tempted now I've seen how they stamp. xx

  8. Just popping in to tell you, in case you don't know, that Status Quo are on with the Christians and other over 3days at Speke Hall next weekend.Jo x

  9. Hi Cath, Oh I'm with you, I love Michael Powell's work, have a few of his stamps and save them for when I 'need', that's need to get some serious colouring, it's therapy isn't it?I love your card, the colouring's perfect and I'm sure the repairs will be done soon, poor peewit LOL Great design too, I like the font on the side, xx

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