Oops – it’s been ages since I blogged – sorry.

I’ve managed to miss my (woohoo!)

5 year blogaversary

on 22 May AND I had an email to say I made Top Three over at Fashionable Stampers, though I honestly can’t remember which ‘thing’ I   entered!  Must go check and thanks for the honour! 

Not much artwork, though, other than a bit of journalling. It’s been a strange couple of weeks all in all… I’m reading, gardening and other bits and bobs but have just had no interest in ‘playing’ which is really unusual for me.

Here are two of the pages I did but they seem totally disappropriate (He, he – a game we play here) given the gorgeous weather we’re experiencing here right now, but it WAS miserable, wet, cold and grey for most of the 6 weeks before the sun came!

wet weather

I’m really enjoying this 6”x 6” journal – for some reason the page size fits me better and I find it easier to work in – weird, I know.

This will be my entry for Crazy Amigos, whose theme this week is BIRDS, one of my favourites!

Ooh, one thing I will say is…

 BEWARE third party Credit/Debit card processors! 

I ordered something from a UK stamping/die company and, to cut a long story short, was double charged.  I won’t mention the name of the company (been there…) but it wasn’t their fault at all – it was the third party processor!  YET, this ‘lady’ still lied to me about having refunded the money, a week after she promised to ring me back but didn’t…  Why, oh why do people have to lie?  I had actually recommended them to a couple of other people but now that I know they have no integrity I certainly won’t do it again! 

Rant over…

I’ll try to do some bloghopping this week – so sorry for not visiting and I have missed you all, not to mention the inspiration you bring.  Hope you’re all well and enjoying the weather while it’s here – this may be the only summer we see in the UK…




17 thoughts on “Yoohoo!

  1. lovely pages Cath – do like your French words. I know what you mean about being dishonest. I always think it's much better to be straight with people and put your hands up when things go wrong.

  2. Great pages Cath, love the colour and I the french is basic enough for me to understand so a double bonus there.Congratulations on your blogaversary – I'm just coming up to my first and can't believe it is only a year since I started – in a very tentative way.Ann Bxx

  3. Know the feeling about missing blog-hopping. Trying to catch up when I can. Love your blog pages Cath. I need to start prepping mine ready for our trip to China later in the year, x

  4. You put a big smile on my face with your birdy…love that you care about our little winged friends 😉 the green fits so well to this side…love it!!

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