Journal Bliss

I’m following Journal Bliss by Violette at the moment and really enjoying it.  I’m doing a lot of writing and since some of it is personal, I’ll keep it small but I’m having fun 🙂

I did things a little differently this time because I’m sick of destroying expensive pens!  So, I did the wording and some of the doodling first, then added colour, using Watercolour paints, Water soluble oil pastels, Prisma pencils and even Tombow pens.

This one’s just a bit of fun with Typography.

typography page

I think this one’s self explanatory – it’s about Questions, lol.


Last one for now.


Not a stamp in sight cos I’ve been drawing – okay, drawing badly but I enjoyed it, lol.  I’ve decided I actually prefer my normal handwriting than messing about, though, so unless I spend a lot more time on lettering, that’s all you’ll see from now, unless I get out my Calligraphy pens and see what I can remember.  It’s 30 years since I used to spend hours working on pieces and get very frustrated because I’d made a mistake on the last line!  I’m a bit more patient now, I hope …

Here’s a tag I made very quickly and sort of revamped.


It’s one of my favourite stamps but I don’t use it very often at all.  The actual tag was distressed and ironed and was made when Ranger first brought out Distress inks!

Sorry I’m not blog hopping as much as usual at the moment but I’m trying to avoid spending too much time at my laptop – breaking habits.  That’s another story…

Hope you’re all having a great Bank Holiday weekend so far.  The weather’s been pretty good here today (unusually) – a little on the cool side and especially when the sun went in but bright and cheerful.

See you soon!




21 thoughts on “Journal Bliss

  1. Fabulous pages Cath! I LOVE the first one and your drawing is fine.way better than mine is! Your tag is great too. I have spent the afternoon in the garden, being followed by our robin as I dug. The blackbird was in good voice too. Enjoy your bank holiday x

  2. Lovely work!! I love them all, and your handwriting is beautiful! I know the problem of to much time spending behind the laptop and trying breaking bad-laptop-habits, sometimes I think I'm addicted to the laptop and I am trying to spend less time with it but it's not easy 😉 Have a nice day!

  3. Hey Cath, just having a quick bloghop this Mayday bank hol! Great pages – i like how you did the journaling in wavy lines to make hair on your 'head full of questions' page 🙂 Plus I'm impressed with the drawing! Oh and PS – I'd like to see what you CAN remember about the calligraphy – I'd love to be able to do that! x

  4. Hi Cath, WOW what a superb collection of art. Your drawing is brilliant!!! I love your purple & pink ladies, they are fabulous, have a great bank holiday Monday. xx

  5. glad to see you're enjoying the journalling Cath. I've got Violette's book somewhere Cath. I must revisit it and I do know what you mean about spending too much time in front of a screen….

  6. great pages – nothing wrong with your drawing hun! love all the colours you've used too. crumpling and ironing tags – going to have to try that one! Karen x

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