Messing around …

… and thinking things through.

This month’s theme at Art Journal Journey is HANDWRITING.  I’ve loved writing in any shape or form since I was a little girl (and defaced every book we had in the house – oops!) I thought I’d have a go.  NOT as easy as I thought.  I’m never happy with my writing in something like this anyway, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with my pens – and I have a few, ahem!  I think I need to start working in my A4 journals if I’m to get the effects I want, but for now, these are my A5 efforts.

This is one of my favourite quotations and reads (cos you can’t really read it very clearly) ‘What you do speaks to loudly I can’t hear what you say’.

can't hear what you say

This one is my ponderings about something which happened at work this week.


And this one’s about a decision I have to make (about work).  I really don’t like making decisions!


I used a variety of mediums, starting with inks and chalks, adding bits of ink, water soluble oil pastels and Tombow pens, then finishing off with Prisma Pencils.

I’ve decided I much prefer the correction pens for white highlights, but I find them really difficult to control because you have to squeeze at the same time as writing/doodling and unfortunately that isn’t good for my hands and I tend to lose control because of it.  My white gel pens (Signo) only work in a limited way and the Posca is too thick (and uncontrollable) for what I want, despite ordering the thinner one.

I tried some new Pigma black pens but ended up using my Promarker, despite the fact that it’s a little too thick for more than a couple of words and none of them seem to like gel medium or chalks or oil pastels – hence the frustration. If you have any recommendations, I’d be grateful.  I’ve tried Sharpies and all sorts of others so far.

Far from perfect but I had fun making these and while I may not have come to any decisions, it’s good to get things down on paper and to start using lettering, although I’ll probably revert to stamps whenever I can. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely break!


25 thoughts on “Messing around …

  1. beautiful pages, Cath. It looks like you are having a bit of an internal battle at the moment. I can relate to everything on your pages, but it is good to get it out. There is that other saying too – Don't let the **!?!"*! grind you down. Hang in there my friend x

  2. Lovely pages as usual Cath. I hope you are able to sort out your work issues and, as you are obviously prevaricating, take time to make the right decision.No help with the pens I'm afraid, I have loads and swap from one to the other. Have you tried the clip-on fine ends for the Promarkers?

  3. Oh wow .. you are in a FLOW!They are all awesome to me!I can´t help with the white and with the black pens.. I am in an everlasting search with all this… ruined so much of my black permanent markers … I good thing is white Plaka color ore white ink in bottles for bigger white spaces… the white correctionpens are dropping to much..but we will find the best- I am shure!Thank you so much Cath for playing with us on Art Journal Journey

  4. Wonderful selection of pages, Cath. And I feel your pain regarding white pens. I've tried loads and never had much success. And I've messed up a few pens trying to doodle over various mediums.

  5. The pages are great, love the colours on the first page and I think the writing looks fab!!! No help with the pens I am afraid!! Happy Easter…hope you come to a decision! Hugs trace x

  6. What a brilliant quotation (who's it by?) and I love that kind of decorative writing. As for the other pieces, they're beautiful but my goodness I feel your pain Cath. If it's possible I really think you need to get out of there. Vicky x

  7. Splendid pages 😉 The white pen? It's a tricky one….I like using Bombay white india ink but that means using a dip pen which is not always ideal either!xoxo Sioux

  8. Love your work, esp the written quote, love the doodles on the writing ;o)My favourite white pens are Posca 1MR and Sakura Souffle and Glaze – I tend to be mostly a dotter and doodler with them though x

  9. I love this. I just returned from a walk down by our pond and this is exactly what I saw. So funny. Very well done and a big gold star for you!

  10. These are all wonderful, but my favorite is the second one… love the colors and the background…decisions make me feel a little nervous most of the time, but I found out over the time, that allways the decisions are the right ones and I will learn out of every moment of my life, good or bad 😉

  11. Hello there! I think all your pages look great! The last one confused me though – stay or go…(?)Hope you have made your decision and that you are happy with it.As for pens, I have the same problem. They are quit expensive and if I'm unlucky they only work once… Pls tell me if you find a solution…Take care!Lena

  12. These are beautiful pages, dear Katy, You are obviously no newby in the field of art-journaling! Very detailed with a bit of whimsy. I find them very beautiful! Greeting, Manu

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