March Journal – 366 days

This is my entry for Kate’s 366 days challenge.  Hard to believe it’s March already!

march spread

Strange how things can change in a couple of weeks.  I made this in mid Feb but if I’d made it now, it would probably have been much lighter and brighter because the weather’s been so mild.

You could be forgiven for thinking I’m a little bird obsessed but that’s how I see the months.

This is a simple card I made earlier this week.

smile for the bird 2 

I definitely used a little too much charcoal but I’ve only just started to use it so I hope I’ll improve!



33 thoughts on “March Journal – 366 days

  1. No, I like your March pages just like that – and the weekend weather isn't meant to be up to much so….The card is gorgeous too, love the bird!

  2. Your March page is fantastic. And you're allowed to be bird obsessed lol. It's your journal after all 🙂 Nowt wrong with turning to nature for inspiration. And regards glues, I think you're right, any medium will do the trick. Have used the G&S, it smells, looks and acts just the same as a gel medium. 🙂 Px

  3. Great pages and love the card. Ooh a bird stamp I haven't got, lol. As for dark days, weather forecast says it's going to get cold again so keep warm. xx

  4. This is such a lovely page layout. I am very new to all of this but enjoying it. You have a lovely blog and wonderful things on here. i have become your newest follower and looking forward to visiting againcatherine

  5. Obsession with birds – nothing wrong with that Cath, they are such beautiful creatures. Walking i nthe woods this morning with dog and listening to all of them start their spring songs was magical and your journal pages remind me of this. I love your card, gorgeous background and that beautiful bird stamp. Could you let me know who makes that one please – I feel a spend coming on.Are you at Leigh at the weekend?

  6. Oh I love your march pages ……the way you have managed to blend so effortlessly …. The extra card you made did you draw that bird with charcoal ? Or stamp first ….it is fab ….thanks for comment left on my blog ….I know I am lucky Dyan is lovely lady ….x

  7. Gorgeous pages, I love the colours 🙂 Yours are much more interesting with the birds, tree and other stuff – I've become too lazy and not added any stamping or Timages to my pages for ages. he bird card is fab, ideal for men and women.Anne x

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