Things I love

I’ve been a bit annoyed with myself for being so negative over the last few weeks, although being ill didn’t help – nor did the demands of management as we were coming up to yet another Ofsted visit – not a full inspection, just a check on our progress with the new course we’re now delivering, but still highly pressurised. I knew I needed to start focusing on the good things in my life – of which there are MANY, so when I saw that February’s Crusade over at GPP Street Team Crusades was ‘Honour the things we love’, I knew it was perfect for me right now.

So, today I played with layering paints and inks, using lots of bits and bobs and trying out a few new things – including painting my handwriting and stamping without mounts, which I’m NOT too good at!.  It’s FAR from perfect – you can clearly see all the mistakes and the little unfinished bits – but it helped me focus on the things I love and treasure; family, friends, nature, birds, music, stars,, words, France, colour and Spring. As I was finishing, I was serenaded by my favourite birdsong – blackbirds – enough to make anyone’s heart sing!


close up things i love

This is a scan of the pages and shows the colours a little more truly. I clear embossed at the end because I’d used some Versafine as well as Stazon, so that affected the way the colours show. I used acrylic paints, acrylic glaze, watercolour crayons, pigment inks, watered down Colorwash, correction fluid and a little distress ink – oh and some charcoal for shading.

things i love scan

I’ve made a few cards over the week – some very simple ones – and I will upload them in the next few days, but hopefully, I’ll get chance to play a bit more by then, all being well. February is birthday month for most of my closest friends and we haven’t yet had chance to celebrate, so it may well be a busy weekend …

Off to add some journalling now.


28 thoughts on “Things I love

  1. Cath – these pages are lovely. I really like all the subtle layers. Looks like you enjoyed adding and adding and adding. Subtle patterns and textures. Glad you found some time to indulge in things that make you happy and reflect on things you love to ward off the negativity. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. I think they look great Cath. lots of depth if you look up close. hope they got some of the negativity out of your system. creating always leaves me feeling clearer headed and free-er

  3. These beautiful pages are very calming you would never guess that you had been so stressed. Hope you enjoy the weekend. After OFSTED you certainly deserve it. Annette x

  4. What a great way to slough off the stress and remind yourself there's a lot to be thankful for. Your pages are beautiful and all the better for not being 'perfect' IMO.

  5. Smashing work Cath 🙂 you have used everything to great effect.I think bloger has been playing me up I seem to have missed the last few briliant posts Have a great weekend Von x♥x

  6. Your journal pages are amazing and it's very cathargic isn't it concentrating on your journal page – it blocks out all the negatives in life.Love you gorgeous cards – stunning as always.Take good care of yourself.xx

  7. Beautiful! I love these colours and beautiful stamps too. Hope you get time to relax a little and enjoy more birdsong. I was serenaded by a robin at dusk tonight (well, I know it's more likely he was serenading another robin, but I can dream!!!) – another lovely song x

  8. Gorgeous page, those colours are my faves and beautifully blended to boot. A great subject to capture too. In a similar fashion, whenever I'm feeling low, I sit and think about all I'm grateful for. Maybe I should do a page on that 🙂 You're inspiring me already. Pxx

  9. Beautiful colours and pages Cath, can't wait to see the cards.Sorry you have not been well and hope the rest of February is better – and we get a whole extra day.

  10. I really love these colors and the texture. It's a great choice of colors, I think. Love is rich blues and almost-purples! It's been nice looking through your other posts and see your lovely colors, graphics, collaging. Pretty pretty!

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