Calendar Journal – February

Yay!  It’s Friday and my play day!!

Finally finished Kate’s Calendar challenge for Feb.  I had it ready last weekend but then tried a full page stamp on it and it was way too patchy, so I decided to redo it today. I added lots of gesso, thicker in some places for some texture, then resprayed it with more Hot Pink ink.  It’s turned out okay – looks much better without the circles, lol – but my circles are well tatty.  It’s a good job I like a bit of grunge cos they’re full of black and hot pink ink from the wet inks on the page.

feb1 scan feb2 scan

Edited:  People seem to think my pages are purple – scanners don’t seem to pick up the shades as well as cameras, so I took photos – admittedly in the sun, so a bit washed out – but they’re closer to the real colours, which are hot pink, with some purple.  I’m in a drippy, drabby mood, so there are lots of dribs and drabs and splatters of ink on these.  I’ll have to draw in the branches missed because of the textured gesso 🙂

<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>

<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>

And to prove I used and completed my January pages, here are the scans.

jan left complete jan 1 complete

30 thoughts on “Calendar Journal – February

  1. I'm so impressed with this. When I saw the calendars I thought they would be something I'd like to do but wouldn't have the time. And here you are, rushing around with your busy life and still finding time not only to creat each month's page but to fill it in! You are awesome. xx

  2. I think it turned out great! It seems like the calendar squares (or circles) diminish the work at first, but after they are filled in, it's like the pages come to life!

  3. Hi Cath, no I wasn't taking the proverbial (would I, lol). And I know what a lot of work you put into your creations where as mine just lately are quick thingies, although plenty of them at the mo. xx

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