Tone on tone – Crazy Amigos

Couldn’t resist having a go at this one because I used to use this technique an awful lot with chalk inks.  So, I got out my Colorbox Fluid chalks, which I’ve probably only used once in the last 5 years (shame on me) and my trusty stipple brushes and this was the result.

<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
One of the biggest problems with these inks is the tonal variation from one pad of the same colour to the next and my purply colours seem to be a bit pinkish, but I love it anyway. I used Wisteria and Violet inks, with a little Purple Pansy (Versamagic) in places. The beauty of chalk inks is that you can layer lighter colours over darker ones – a lovely effect.
I’m still in Christmas mode – not sure how long that will last – and this is one of my favourite Christmas stamps.  I thought I’d lost it the other day, but after a frantic hunting for what I reckoned to be about 8 stamps, I actually found a basket full of them – some I’d forgotten all about! Just goes to show what happens when you ‘put things away safely’ instead of in their usual place – they’ll stay with the rest of the Christmas stamps from now on!

22 thoughts on “Tone on tone – Crazy Amigos

  1. Hmmmm, how can I put this. Well I will just have to own up and tell you I've copied the details of this card into my notebook in order to do a few versions of it myself as it's just fabulous! tee hee hee. xx

  2. I love this and the little snowmen below – gorgeous soft colours on both.That is a beautiful stamp. My chalk inks have been sadly neglected too. I blame that Tim Holtz for bringing out Distress inks!!!

  3. What a gorgeous effect! This tone on tone is soft and lovely! Wonderful card and a perfect stamp for the technique! I have never touched those inks, but they look nice in my container!

  4. Your card is very beautiful! It's nice to see cards that aren't just the traditional colors of red and green, beautiful. I know what you mean about putting things away safely, geeze. I have been missing a pair of earrings that I stashed before leaving town and after a month and a half I finally found them this morning. From now on they stay with the rest of my jewelry or on my ears, lol.

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