Inky time

Had a lovely hour yesterday, playing with the same colours of DI I’d used on my LIM leaves card, but this time on Glossy card and with stipple brushes.  It’s a long time since these little friends of mine have been out of their basket. I used to use them all the time to add colour because I found it easier to place colour exactly where I wanted to AND because it’s good for you.  There’s something about thumping a brush on that card – very therapeutic.

It has to be said that I’m not over happy with this one because I added micro beads in Sepia Accents but it’s given a bit too much dimension to the sunflower heart.  Might just have to add more to the petals… will think about that one.

sunflower collage stamp

I love this stamp – it’s humongous and is great for selective stamping – using just the bits you want at the time.  It’s a simple one stamp affair, with a few postmarks stamped on but I did enjoy getting inky.

This one’s just a matted up version of one of my LIM one layer leaf cards. I liked the colour (Aged Mahogany) and the design, but thought it a bit too stark to stay on its own.

your special day

Browsing through this week’s LIMette entries has given me lots of ideas.  It’s amazing what you can learn from looking at other people’s LIM design ideas.  Some people have a real knack for making a simple card stunning.  LIM is a great challenge, so if you get chance, please do join in – the beauty of it is it doesn’t take long at all, although some of the designs aren’t quite as simple as they appear to be. There are some incredibly talented peeps in blogland!


32 thoughts on “Inky time

  1. Two very beautiful & very different cards. I adore your colourful sunflower project. Very vibrant. I know what you mean about being inspired by others' take on a challenge. And you're right, LIM isn't always as easy or as quick as it looks lol. I've made cards which took an hour and look like I spent 5 minutes on it. Pxx

  2. Love the colours on your sunflower card, Cath. Fab image. The leaf card is beautiful too. So elegant. I think I'll have to pop over and check out the LIM cards – I need some inspiration.

  3. Love your sleeping sunflower girl. The colours are glorious against the dark (?black) you inked the stamp with. Could happily send ages just looking at this one in fact I might. XOXO Zoe

  4. What a beautiful card! Fabulous stamp and the colours are scrumptious! (sp) Your LIM is simply perfect! I'm not good with white; backgrounds especially! I tend to get my inky hands all over it! Awesome Cath! Debbie^..^

  5. Hi CathJust read your comments on my Journaling Blog and thrilled that you've become a follower! Had a nosey round here and been bowled over by the Quality of your work – Everything looks so beautiful!Looking forward to seeing moreGentle thoughtsx Michelle

  6. Wow Cath, you sunflower card is out of this world!! The colours are gorgeous and I love how you have blended them. Your LIM card is fab too, I love the idea of these but all the white space frightens me lol x

  7. WOW how beautiful is that gorgeous sunflower card. You have inspired me to start using some different stamps and I ashamed to say I don't own any decent botannical stamps, wiil have to rectify that. XX

  8. Ooooh, two more stunners! I love your sunflower. Think I must check out these little brushes you talk about, they sound like just what I need right now!Take care.xx

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