In Season

I had to play with my pears once I’d got them all out and it IS the only time of year they’re in season…

pear 2
I was determined to play for an hour or two today, so I made some backgrounds, using Adirondack Colour Washes.  After stamping and embossing the pear and text image (one stamp – I used Petal Points to colour the pear before stamping) I played around for a bit with mica powders and gold ink, tore the card, edged it with Cranberry and Currant inks, then embossed a bit of gold Pear text on the corners. The white card isn’t white at all, it’s cream – not even off white. I took a photo and a scan but it didn’t show up in either, so I give up 🙂
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>

The gold and irridescent powders made it look a little duller, so I adjusted the colours a bit on the photo. Still can’t get it to look cream, though… x


26 thoughts on “In Season

  1. Love, love, love that stamp – I'd never had guessed it was just one stamp with all the oriental writing too. The colouring is superb it looks like an ancient piece of parchment – from Japan or China, sewn onto material. Brilliant

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