Had to do some journalling as part of my course and did it the creative way – inking, spraying, stamping etc – unfortunately, it was all ‘reflection’ on teaching and other stuff, so a bit dull. (Have you noticed that ‘REFLECTION’ is the buzz word of the moment, btw???)
Anyway, I’ve been working on a couple of pages for me in the last few days and finally got to finish them just now.  They’re far from perfect but I like them, despite the mistakes I made.  My pens weren’t too happy about writing on acrylic and gel medium, so I had to go over one section with another, thicker, pen which really spoiled it but hey ho, it was fun. One of the things I like best about journalling (just as it was with Altered books, which is pretty much the same thing when I do it, lol) is that if there’s something you don’t like – or an experiment goes wrong – you can just cover it up with more acrylic and/or gesso and start again.
My life’s going through another big process of change and adjustment right now, so that’s what I was thinking about – change and time.  Is time really as we think it is, or did the Celts have the right idea?  They believed that past, present and future were all happening at the same time but it just doesn’t feel that way. Kind of fits in with Quantum theories of alternative dimensions but I’d better not go off on a tangent, lol.  Yep, I’m reading novels again…. can you tell, he, he?

I like the first page better than the second.  I like the colours, but it’s also cos of the overwriting after the pens didn’t work and a change of heart half way through, which led to painting over part of it.  It was originally about time but became about ‘singing your song’, with a bit of ‘time’ thrown in, following on from the left hand page.  Probably should have started all over again but I liked the colours.

journal nature art
The colours on the second page are more varied in real life – there’s yellow and citrus in there, which doesn’t show up.  Not quite as emotive as the first one, though.
journal sing
Hopefully, I’ll improve with time, he, he. We all start somewhere…

11 thoughts on “Journalling

  1. Yor pages look amazing to me 🙂 I love looking at journaling pages but have never done any and the first page with the combination of colours is my favourite Hope all the changes are for the better :)Von x

  2. Know what you mean…reflective practice this, reflective practice that… ha. I do think reflection has its place, but as with many things, they (whoever 'they' are!) always push it over the edge until it loses its effectiveness. Anyhoo,(watched Family Man the other day and Tea Leoni says that:)) now for my 'reflecting' on your journal pages! They look amazing to me Cath, love how you've blended your colours, love your text circles and strips and I love your wording 😀 I think you've pulled it all together brilliantly.

  3. WOW! Love these pages Cath. They're really really vibrant and I love the composition. I haven't done any journalling since Morocco last year :((Note to self….must start soon, x

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