Feeling blue?

I love this shade of blue.  Blue is my favourite colour, although I tend to veer more towards teals, firstly because I like the way they blend and secondly because it’s really hard to find an ink in a ‘good’ cornflower blue, which is my absolute favourite.  Most inks are either too deep and invasive or too pale to blend well.  Colorbox Sky Blue pigment ink is about the closest I’ve found to my favourite shade and this one is pretty close – it’s a Stampin Up ‘Baby Blue’ (I think – or is it Ballet Blue?).


I really must say a big THANK YOU to those of you who haven’t forgotten me!  I really thought you would have, after almost a year of not posting, but you’ve really brought a smile to my face (and some tears to my eyes) with all your lovely comments.  Thank you again xxx
On Sunday, I went on a small tour of the Williamson Tunnels, underneath Liverpool. It was fascinating, if somewhat short but I got some good photos and here’s one of them you may be able to use in your artwork.  It’s taken at an angle – sorry about that – and there’s a bit of reflection because the receipts were laminated, but they’re still usable and extremely authentic 🙂  Just click to enlarge.

There are some really interesting stories behind those bottles and we were given a potted history of how bottling carbonated drinks has progressed over the years – fascinating.  Apparently, there are two different ‘Friends of Williamson Tunnels’, working in different areas of LIverpool, so we’re planning on visiting the other one soon, just to compare.

10 thoughts on “Feeling blue?

  1. CathI really, really like this.That Stampington & co stamp I bought this year as part of a collection of Fresh Flower Elements stamps. I don't know how I managed to live without that stamp as it is so useful.WishesLynne

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