WOYW Wednesday, no 65

The Bank Holiday this week has made the days seem to come way too soon.  Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!!  It’s time to SNOOP – WOOHOO!!!    If you don’t know yet what What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday is all about (and you really, really SHOULD DO) then pop over to Julia’s blog to spy on what everyone’s revealed this week.  It really is a lot of fun!!   (Oops, I’ve put the wrong number up there, so my link is taking people to the wrong entry – duh!  My apologies – this is WOYWW 65, lol!

Anyway, here’s a snippet of my desk this week, which actually contains a WIP (Work in Progress), lol.  NOT showing my whole desk this week cos very little has changed, apart from the fact that it’s probably worse than it was!!!!! 

woyww 1 sep
Stazon inks and Paperartsy stamps are out – I don’t use them too often but this time I wanted lots of greens for grasses and was stamping on glossy paper, so I needed the Stazon.  Trouble is, I think I’ve changed my mind about what I’m doing, so this may have been in vain – or probably not.  I’ll make a card from it 😉

You can just see my WOYWW easel peeping from the right hand side and here it is in all its glory, containing my most recent Alphabet 4×4 for KCUK’s Chunky Alphabet swap.  I’ll be blogging it after I’ve posted this.

woyww easel

That stamp of grasses you can see to the left hand side is one of my favourites, although I don’t use it too often because it’s pretty limiting.  Mum sent it from New Zealand, so I treasure it and I may now have the perfect excuse to use it again. 

This may well be my last WOYWW for a while now – not sure yet of the date but I’ll be starting a Full time Course this month and I suspect it will be next week or the week after but I have LOADS of stuff to sort out and to deal with before then, especially after 4 weeks of my OH being home, therefore doing absolutely NAFF all in the house!!!  I’ll miss you all. 
Thanks to everyone who’s left comments in the last few weeks – I really appreciate your kind words and your sense of fun.  I’ll try to get round to you all this week!

32 thoughts on “WOYW Wednesday, no 65

  1. You really blew me away with all those Staz-0n colors. I had no idea there were that many greens. Guess my little town doesn't carry anything but basic colors because I've only seen one green in all the time I've been shopping. NO, you can't leave us. Your art is too precious and artsy. OK, I understand, but it won't be the same. You can bet I'll be back, even if you don't have time to play WOYWW.

  2. Found the comments hard to find ha ha the link you have put on julias is going to last week WOYWW loved the card BTW but realised with all the comments it must of been an old one so I figured to come to the new one (Many may not though) any way great space hun love the new card love the stamp you used and I have to agree the grasses are wonderfulLove Dawn xx

  3. I'm interested in the green goings on there and look forward to the results. What a palaver getting here and I thought it was only me who can't get my act together… at least it kept us on our toes and made us think a bit.You can tell me all about the new course on Sat at the workshop!JoZarty x

  4. Looks like you could make a St Patricks Day card if it doesn't work out for the intended application! Love those PaperArtsy stamps, and the other ones I can see on your desk, especially the grass/wheat one. Good luck with the class you're getting ready to take, we'll see you on here whenever you have the time to pop in.HugsBrenda

  5. Loving your 4×4. I reckon you might just find yourself back on here sooner than you thought…I find study makes us do ALL sorts of things to avoid assignments!

  6. I think you need some more green inkpads ;-)I'm glad to see you have a busy desk too, makes me feel a whole lot better!Thanks for stopping by my first WOYWW too – and I can tell you that LOTS of things fall off my desk onto the floor! Every so often my boyfriend picks them all up for me and dumps them back on the desk. One day i'll stick a strip of wood on the end. One day. Maybe!Catch you next weekCiaraxx

  7. oh dear I am a failed crafter, I didnt realise there were so many different green staz ons to choose from, I will start writing my punishment right away. . . I must shop for craft stuff more often, I must shop for craft stuff more often, I must . .. LOL 🙂

  8. What a beautiful collection of stamps, and I didn't realise either that there are so many Stazon greens. We will miss you. Hope you will be back with us soon. Enjoy the course.Marilyn

  9. Your WIP looks great – make sure you share it when it's done. Good luck on the full time course – I'm about to start distance learning, but you know that already cos you stopped by…. Thanks!

  10. oooooooooh we will miss you and I was hoping to see a clear 10/10 next week for the messy scale. I am a 0/10 this week, it was not even my craft desk, but agree with your 8/10.enjoy your coursethanks for the belated return snoopHugs Kate xx

  11. Hi Cath, you have some really lovely pieces of craft going on here. Love your simple cards – they are very hard to get right and you have done a great job! ikki

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