Red Kites

For those of you who were asking about the Red Kites, you can see my far from perfect attempts at photography here.  It will give you some idea of the size and majesty of them.  (I keep anything non art related off this blog, so as not to bore people, lol)  I just saw some of John’s photos and although he’s complaining about the few he hasn’t deleted, I think they’re great.  I’ll upload them when I get hold of them.


4 thoughts on “Red Kites

  1. Hi, I understand completely, on many a journey to Bristol we have passed small flocks of these magnificent birds, they are wonderful to watch. Lucky you to get close enough to take these stunning photos:D xx

  2. I love seeing what is on your workspace – gorgeous art I can tell…and I think it is very tidy! Hope to have some creative time myself today…been swamped with back to school web work for the School District! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

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