Lavender and Lime

I made these backgrounds last week, when playing with Brilliance reinkers, so these were very quick cards, but fun to make.  I think I like these words, he, he.

This one’s on matte card.
lilac and lime 2
This one’s on glossy paper.
lilac and lime

I used exactly the same colours on both – Pearlescent Lime and Pearlescent Purple.  Just goes to show what a difference the card base makes!

For those of you who asked how to create these backgrounds, here are the instructions.

It really is very simple but gives you some fab, quick and easy backgrounds.  Just squirt bits of Brilliance reinker onto a non stick Craft Mat, then spritz with water.  Brilliance is a little more viscous than standard water based inks, so stay thick and tend not to blend in the same way and the colours remain vivid.  Just mop up the inks with cardstock (matte or glossy – totally different results, as you can see – glossy tends to be a little more muted because the colours move more on its surface) and let them dry.  If you pick up a lot on one piece of card, ie if the ink is a bit thick, just spritz again with water, lay another piece over the top and pull off to get some fab effects on both pieces.  You can twist it as you take it off if you want to get swirly patterns.  It’s cool because Brilliance is so shimmery to begin with that you get all the effects of shimmer sprays.  Don’t worry if you get some white bits, either – they add to the effect.  Oh – and this works on black glossy cardstock and acetate and lots of other surfaces, too!


24 thoughts on “Lavender and Lime

  1. No matter how hard I try I cannot put these 2 colours together with any success.. all my shades are wrong! Yours are absolutely stunning – will have to try again I think – desperate for mine to turn out like these beauties!

  2. I love these words too – you used them yesterday – gorgeous! And the cards are too – such a different look to them. I think I prefer th first one, but they are both lovely.

  3. Gorgeous cards Cath! I've only managed to do this by swirling my stamp pad over my craft mat, as I've not got hold of any reinkers. Must pop them on my wish list!

  4. They are both lovely, not colours I use together very often, but love them. NOW I'll HAVE TO BUY Brilliance reinkers, ' cos I love their inks, and the effect is great.

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