Here we are again – another Wednesday, so it must be the fabulous Ms Dunnit’s WOYWW!!!

I’m afraid I’d had a really messy session with acrylics and sponges and tidied up a bit before I took this photo – shame on me, lol.  BUT it’s still very active and not over tidy, despite the fact that my other half has booked a few weeks off work, so we’re going chasing photos here there and everywhere, when the weather allows – AND it’s because I needed the space to do something else – not because i wanted to tidy up specifically for the photo. 

NOT that the glorious North West of England allows very much when it comes to good weather – in fact, we’ve hardly seen the sun for over 5 weeks now.  It’s been grey, dismal and even cold at times since June!!!  It CAN be a  little frustrating when I read the Southern and Eastern girls’ blogs, saying how hot they’ve been – sigh!!!  So we’ve also been over to Wales, chasing the sun when they’re lucky enough to have it – not too far from us, though so not difficult.

Anyway, here’s my semi tidied desk (which means sponges under desk, acrylics thrown in box behind me and scratch paper assigned to bin) with lots of stuff in progress.

woyww 11 aug 2 woyww 11 augustb

I’ve moved a lot of my mounted stamps into their respective homes, although I’ve still kept out the bigger ones I use a lot for background work – I have a special box, kept in a special place (the floor, he, he) for the rest of the ones I reach for on a regular basis.

Ma Vinci’s humongous alphabet stamps are out there in their bag- for my alphabet pages and postcards but also for some personal journalling I’ve been doing.  If you look closely, you’ll also see Saturday’s Stamp Club project, half completed because I want to modify it a bit before I carry on.  It’s a fab concertina envelope book, taught by the lovely Gill, who doesn’t blog YET. 

In my WOYWW easel is an old vintage card I made about 5 years ago – out because it’s a reminder of something for another project I’m intending to make.  There are also stamps for a DT project I have to make this week and some backgrounds and stamps, waiting to be put together, including the acrylic stuff I was playing with.  If you look carefully, you’ll see the punchinella (sequin waste) peeping from the open drawer – I use that a lot to fill in and to do edges of pages and backgrounds, so there’s always a piece around, along with other bits of mesh and ribbon I use for the same thing.

I’ll be out early tomorrow, so I’m scheduling this cos we’re off chasing steam trains again, then perhaps on to see some Red Kites, although that may have to wait until later in the week, depending on other things.

If you wanna join the rest of us and snoop peek at other desks, why not head on over to the lovely Julia’s blog and follow the links – it’s a fab way to spend half a day, lol – or more!!!  Thanks, Julia.


30 thoughts on “WOYWW

  1. A-ha!! Gotcha Cath!! What's that you said about "tidying-up is cheating"?!!!!! lol. You're forgiven of course, and your workspace is fab. Love your ink-pad storage system on the wall.Hope you enjoy your travels, and manage to find some sun!Hugs, Sylvia x

  2. I love how everyone evaluates there mess.. to me this has to be at least a 7 on the messy scale, but i bet you'll say its about a 4 or 5.. am i right?happy photo chasing, i need to get out more to take pics, i have the camera, just not the drive right now, guess it would help if i could fathom how to use the camera properly.. i need to take a class

  3. Oooh, lovely inks and stamps, Cath. And it's semi-tidy, you say!!! Hee hee, I'm giggling at the "special place" you keep some of your stamps!! The weather has been mostly rubbish here too (but I don't mind, I'm an autumn/winter fan and hibernate in summer!).Julie :o)

  4. Have fun Cath at your steam train and kite chasing LOL!I know what you mean about being under the north wests gloomy grey sky!Still looks prett much like a fun place to create on your desk!Sarah x

  5. Thanks for stopping by on the blog ,,, Have put some images of what I am doing on another post so you can see what I am up to !!The weather here in the quite perculiar .. not sunny but not nice and early autumnal and constantly threating rain or indeed raining..quite odd!

  6. love to see your acrylic sponge work! I have lots of acrylics and not sure what to do with them. Gorgeous card, what are those things on the left of the picture stacked up? Happy WOYWW! Thank you for visiting my blog.I feel lots better about my stash and I am definitely an addict

  7. Good luck wiht your photo and sun chasing…sorry to have risked your creativity with the mention of that time of year…but I warn you there's more to come.. Happy WOYWW, Esther xx

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how many stamps you gals who stamp have. That bag of stamps is about twice as many as I own. I bet those Ma Vinci alpha stamps are great, though. Thanks for allowing me to have a good look around today. Happy WOYWW.

  9. Love your desk – proper crafting desk – lots of stuff to hand, and visible (love that you use MaVinci's stamps: she has great alphabets doesn't she?!)Jo

  10. I'm late to visit but am guessing that you've done more on your desk since Wednesday – it looks fab like this and sort of reflects all the ideas and plans yo're talking about..would love to go through your stamps!

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