WOYWW 4 August

Here we are again on Wednesday and WOYWW!!
Today’s my baby brother’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Howard!  I won’t see him cos he’s in New Zealand and has been for 10 years.  I haven’t seen him for 7 years – sad.

Back to
WOYWW and here’s my mess for this week.  It’s quite a creative mess this week – well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it – lots going on and lots in the pipeline but in my defence, isn’t that how it SHOULD be????? 

woyww 4 august
Here’s a close up of what I was working on last night – another Chunky Alphabet page for KCUK in delicious shades of blue, pink and green. 
woyww close up 4 august
In my WOYWW easel is something I started but went wrong – ooh, yet another mistake, lol – but I liked bits of it and so saved it to remind me to repeat those bits, especially the colours.
Don’t forget , if you’re the curious sort,  you can snoop see other people’s work desks by going to the lovely Julia’s blog and following the links, where all kinds of delights will be revealed, lol.

41 thoughts on “WOYWW 4 August

  1. Hi CathThanks for your blog comments.xx Lovely to see your workspace. Ooo you have some lovely stamps. 🙂 I love your chunky page too.. looks great so does your creation resting in your easel. Great colours.xx

  2. Hi Cath, yes that IS how it should be 😉 Love the little girl thing – card?Yes you could join in next month hopefully with the 365 Journal challenge – July was the first time I joned in.Anne xx

  3. I agree with the above, your mistake is a super one!I am in awe of your beautiful stamps and all of those stamp pads! Your storage is fab, I am envious!! lol!Keryn x

  4. Yep – certainly is creative and not so much of a mess. Love that you can just reach out and grab what you needI end up having to walk across the room, which is why so much doesn't get put back. Great to see all your lovely stamps.hugs Heather xx

  5. Hello Cath, love the creative desk , very inspiring:)You popped over to my blog and asked what background I had used, after I searched for where your comment had gone I understood why you asked, sorry! my fault! I should have said!I used Crafty Notions fusible film, eastern sky. Now have to admit here, it bubbled up because I forgot to use vellum between it and the iron but I liked how it looked so incorporated it with the design. Another happy accident:) xx

  6. Hi CathDefinietely more creative than messy! I love the stamp on your so called "mistake" lol, and oh you were being so polite on about us curious rather nosy types LOL!Sarah x

  7. I love those fabby stamps you have lined up on your desk and lots of creative goodness on there too.You have some beautiful creations in your other posts too. TFS!HugsLesley Xx

  8. You have such an interesting desk something new to see every week. Your chunky page looks real cute. I was trying to figure out what the stamps are on the block – see I'm nosey :). Anita

  9. Oh Cath, love to see what's going on at your desk. I LOVE the mistake in your easel, and the page you're working on – are you hand blending the colours or using a brayer?

  10. You have ONE very creative desk this week. And I really like that page you are working on. That little girl is adorable with her wings. I see you have put that easel to work, too, even though you think it went wrong. Just as I am late getting to your WOYWW post this week, I am also late in wishing your brother a happy birthday. Hope it was great.

  11. ah there you are, ee I pressed the wrong button! lovvvve your stamps, the post one looks interesting and really like the storage for your inks, have a good woyww weekend(Lyn)

  12. Wow! love all your stash, Happy WOYWW! thank you for sharing your workspace, and visiting my blog. Lol, I wont tell my mum you say I need more stash – wait til you see the rest of my stash

  13. You seem very organised and I have had a look at your post above they are lovely and very creative, so for being so late, just so busy with DT work. Hopefully this week I'll be about earlier! ikki

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