Where’s this week gone to?  It’s absolutely flown by but then again, a lot has been happening here.
It’s Wednesday, so it must be WOYWW!
I cheated a little here and took the photos on Tuesday cos I knew I wouldn’t be using my desk for a little while – sorry.  Not so much happening on my desk, I’m afraid – so there aren’t many changes here from last week, except that you will notice – ta da!!!

woyww easel

…my wonderful, fabby, dabby sparkling NEW WOYWW easel, courtesy of the wonderful Julia – and (I presume) Mr Dunnit, bless their little cotton socks 😀  Thank you VERY MUCH, Julia.  It arrived Tuesday morning and made my day!!!
Stepping back, this is the view of the desk.  I did manage a little bit of stamping and inkiness yesterday morning, so you’ll see some of the results (and the aftermath, lol) there.
my desk 2 28 july
These are the shelves over the desk.

shelves over desk 
This is what’s behind me, as I work.
behind me 1
You can see my trusty Tonic Trimmer (12×12) here – wouldn’t be without it and have 2 smaller ones in different sizes – love em.
behind me
There are more shelves above this worktop and on the opposite side of the room, to the right of the desk is this.
It may not LOOK super organised but it is, in fact, organised chaos and I know where most things are, until I tidy up – then it drives me dotty, lol!
I have family in hospital at the moment, so all my time is taken up on visiting and it’s unlikely that I’ll find the time to visit all the desks this week, as I did last week, so please forgive me.   Life has a habit of getting in the way at times, doesn’t it?
If you’d like to spy on other people’s workdesks, pop on over to Julia’s Blog and check out the links.  It’s fascinating to see how differently people work!  Have a great week 😉

34 thoughts on “WOYWW

  1. Oh I love your organisation – and I know tha tyou are spot on when you say you know where everything is tillyou have a go at tidying. Don't do it – it looks FAB from here! Love the pieces in your easel. Hope the hsopital visitng isnt too exhausting, and don't worry about WOYWWing, it's not the visiting commitment here that counts.

  2. Morning!! Lovely snoop around your crafty space, I was here yesterday but could make the comments thingy open. I always spot the Ugly card! wonder where it is now…All your stuff seems to be well organized, so I don't see a mess at all!! Have a Great WOYWW on THurSday!!((Lyn))

  3. Oh my goodness what an amazing space! It does look very organised, tho I don't know how you manage to remember were everything actually is.

  4. lovely organised crafty goodies. You have so much stuff its wonderful. I love your finished pieces in the WOYWW stand, scrummy.Sorry this is a bit late and I hope you have a wonderful weekendTracey

  5. I know how late I am this week, but I was glad I made it by to see all that stash you have amassed. I know you are right when you say you know where it all is until . . . Yep, I know that feeling, too, especially if I move things to a new location. Happy belated WOYWW.

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