Lots to Do – People and Places

Well, I gave in, lol.  I was so determined I would get the things I’m committed to do out of the way before I started to play but I just had to have a little play – and intend having a couple more, as soon as I can, lol.

So here’s my entry for this week’s Lots to Do Challenge, where the theme for this week is People and Places.

I found my yummy Claudine Helmuth stamps, so I’ve almost finished another card, too.  I keep forgetting about these, lol.  The base for the image is Caught in Crystal, but unfortunately, you can’t see the yummy crystallisation you get the more you heat it – it really is so pretty and glistens.  I stamped the image again on white and layered the CIC over the top, to define the images, then stamped again and cut out ‘La Cathédrale’ which I attached separately with toning brads.  Yellow’s not a colour I often use on its own but I quite like this effect for a change.

LTD 12 jully 2010


15 thoughts on “Lots to Do – People and Places

  1. Simply gorgeous. The yellow works really well with the greens and blues. Love the symmetry of the design and the stamp, you are absolutely right, is gorgeous. Px

  2. Gorgeous postcard, I love the colours 🙂 Lovely stamps on your desk – I must get one of those Brayers!Ha, fooled you into thinking my desk is tidy – when you do an aerial view it cuts out all the mess heheheAnne xx

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