Recipe Swap

I forgot to post this so will do it now.  I have another two recipes in progress, which I’ll finish off if I get time before all the other recipes are in but we’re already late, so I may not get the time.  I need to be putting the books together!
I enjoyed doing this, although I’ve done something similar before.  Nice recipe, too 😀  Couldn’t get the depth of colour, no matter how hard I tried – there’s a lot more pale green on the background than you can see.  Hey ho – will have to work on this colour matching!

cath recipe 1
This is the back page, stamped in Versamark.  I was going to add some mica powders, but I decided I liked it as it is.
recipe back

10 thoughts on “Recipe Swap

  1. Gorgeous yummy recipe card front and back.Thank you for your generous comments over at my little place, it was your gifting of the music that inspired me to share some of my finds with maps and things. xx Zoe

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