Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect that my friend, Jo and I had been colluding – but we didn’t and my desk’s much messier than hers – and the worst thing is I’ve been working on the dining room table this afternoon cos of the mess!!  In all honesty, I’d just piled some stuff on the desk as I’d finished with it, so it’s waiting to be put away.  Anyway,  here’s my WOYWW entry.

my desk
Here’s a close up where you can see one of my favourite stamps…
Queen of Last Minute!
woyww close up2
But the main reason it may appear that Jo and I had been plotting was that I had to make a couple of Sympathy cards today, too!  Nothing fancy about mine, though.  They’re very simple, quick and very easy (hands won’t allow much else at the moment) made with felt tips, glossy paper and a favourite PSX stamp.  One on white, the other on lilac. 
sympathy3   sympathy 4

18 thoughts on “WOYWW

  1. I love your cards Cath… very elegant. I've never seen that Queen of the last minute stamp before but love it. Lots going on there, thanks for the snoop. Hope your hands don't impede you for long,love Jo x

  2. A woman after my own heart…a bit of mess never hurt anyone!I spy maybe a tag with one of Jo Capper-Sandons stamps on? Do we get a better look of that soon!Your sympathy cards are very elegant and classicly styled.

  3. Both cards are gorgeous, amazing the difference the final card colour makes. Loving rumaging round your desk this morning…only reason mine doesn't look the same is that my stamp shelves are within arm's reach!

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