Play Date Café Colour Challenge

I’m really not good with prescriptive stuff – if someone tells me I have to use such and such a ‘sketch’ or certain colours, I find it really difficult because it restricts me.  BUT I do love these PDCC colours this week – AND Versamagic do the perfect colour matches.  They seem to be the only company to do Pastel ink colours really well.


And here’s the card – lovely, restful, colours.

21 May 2010 pdcc


10 thoughts on “Play Date Café Colour Challenge

  1. Beautiful card, love the mix of colours, you've blended them together really well with none of them dominant, they all just melt into each other. Very clever and skilful. Px

  2. Cath….you may feel 'boxed in' with specific challenges, but you sure know how to make them work! After all, you have been the Cup of the Week with us : )Great job this week. I LOVE this card…I am a huge fan of B&W with hints of colors and YOU made this work….you'll want to stay tuned for our 'color splash' challenge coming up soon (about every 6 weeks or so, check our past challenges)…you will do well with it : )

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