Quick play

I was wanting to make something for the Lots to Do Challenge – Collage Stamping – but I also wanted to try out this stamp I got for a silly price (about £2.50) from Port Sunny, so I thought I’d do a postcard. 
I though I hadn’t done any real collage stamping for a long time – not since collage stamps became popular, followed by the distressed look, which followed the vintage fad but meant that messy stamping without masking was more acceptable.  Then I realised that I still mask a lot, even if not in the same way I used to.  I like creating my own backgrounds and that often means having to mask my main images – or some aspect of what I’m doing – first, so it’s something I don’t think about too much – I just get on with it.
Anyway, having said all that, it hasn’t turned out brilliantly, lol and it’s pretty simple – just masked birds with a Postcard background and a couple of design elements.  I used Wild Honey and Barn Door Distress inks then Prismacolour pencils for a change.  Back to work 🙂

love birds

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