Bird song…

I’m using one of my wet Tissue Backgrounds here – just added a little more ink and some background stamping.  Didn’t those colours turn out fab?

It’s not difficult for me to think about birds – I absolutely love them and especially at this time of year, when they sing so sweetly (and loudly) and all the summer visitors arrive – in fact, I stayed awake for the Dawn Chorus in my garden last year (3.40am) and intend to do it again this year – what a treat it was!!  My son calls me ‘Bird Woman of Rainhill (where I live)’ because I buy so much birdfood and really spoil them.  We always have birds in our tiny garden (unless the Sparrowhawk’s laying in wait or has just visited) and I appreciate being able to contribute a little to them when they give so much pleasure to us. 

Anyway, enough waffling, here’s my Birdie entry.  This is for both Sunday Stamper’s Free as a Bird Challenge (get yours in while you can) and because I noticed it last night, for Crazy Amigo, which is birds.  (I’ll probably do another Sunday Stamper one, just to stay within the rules.  I don’t really like combining challenges – feels like cheating…)

Bird Song

This one’s especially for Hels, at Sunday Stamper – lots of detail on that background layer if you click to enlarge it 🙂

free as a bird 

This one’s just because – I sprayed a piece of card with Glimmer Mists and it was perfect for sky.  I had every intention of doing more on it but decided that the simplicity suited the bird image better.  I tend to forget about this bird because it was one of my own stamps but I really, really love it 🙂 I’m entering this one into the Simon Says Challenge – Things with Wings.

Be as a Bird

Words on both of these are from Stamp Camp who I’m hoping will be at Port Sunlight next weekend – I think that’s when it is – woohoo!!  Can’t wait!  If you live anywhere in the North West, it really is worth travelling to.  It’s still mainly a Stamping show and hasn’t been taken over by papers, stickers and stuff, so it’s well worth a visit, but tickets only…


20 thoughts on “Bird song…

  1. that's lovely Cath. gorgeous colour combination and I love that stamp. I came home to a sparrowhawk in the kitchen one day last year – the cat brought it in through the catflap I think(!) but I managed to rescue it and it went off happily in the end.

  2. All beautiful! I love the torn tissue one particularly. I too love the birds and have a large number of feeders in my back garden that need refilling regularly.Wish I could come to port sunlight, but it isn't possible this year – sounds like my sort of show

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